Breathing and Meditation

2 minutes
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Breathing and meditation. Reading is an integral part of meditation. proper breathing is required in many practices of meditation, and is therefore an important tool to be possessed by people who wish to perform this activity. The practice of proper breathing while meditating helps a person relax while doing the exercise. proper breathing is achieved by inhaling through the nose, letting the diaphragm expand not the chest the diaphragm expand and exhaling through the mouth. Doing this slows down a person's heart rate which leads to a relaxed mood.

And I want to repeat this because it is important breathing also plays a significant role when a person aims to improve his or her concentration. This is done by focusing the mind on the active taking in air and feeling it pass through The nostrils until the air is finally exhaled through the mouth. While this may sound easy, it can be challenging when done for the first time. Then there is the methods for increasing a person's awareness. Just like the concentration technique we've talked about. It involves putting one's attention to his or her breathing.

But instead of focusing on the act of inhaling and exhaling air, it is the sensation of breathing where the person trains his or her thoughts. The feeling of the air passes through the nose, filling the lungs and expanding the diaphragm is the sensation that a person should look for. It helps us feel how it is to be truly alive. This video has shown you how important breathing is in the practice of meditation. It is no wonder therefore, that the two are inseparable. tivities that a student of meditation should learn.

Thank you for watching and see you in the next lecture. Bye bye

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