Pillar #3 - Integrity

4 minutes
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Hi. The third pillar of self regulation is integrity. I want to tell you how everything fits together and why the most successful people in the world have great teams and partners, people who respect them, and people who are ready to go to great lengths in order to do a particular job. For example, the key word here is respect. It's simple as it sounds, people will respect you when you respect them. The best way, the ultimate way to make people respect you is to behave with integrity.

Integrity, is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Integrity is the quality of being honest in having strong moral principles. Your values are the things you won't compromise or even if they put you in a disadvantage, your values are not negotiable. And because all of these words such as integrity values, self regulation are quite abstract. It's worth mentioning what values are, I want to simplify as much as possible here. The word value, beliefs about what is right or wrong in what is important in life.

And here is the challenge. to behave with integrity, you must perfectly understand what you stand for what is right and what is wrong, what is important in life from your personal perspective. And this is what we are going to do now, identify your values, write your values down, it's important to know that you should prioritize them from the most important downwards. The reason for that is because sometimes your values might contradict with each other. For example, your number one value is your family. Your second value is your work.

Korea. And there is an important occasion or event in your child's life, such as a basketball match. That's a big deal for them. They count on your support. When you don't show up to that event, because you're busy as usual, in you put work first. If you do that on a regular basis, that means your career is above your family in the list of values.

Of course, we don't judge what is universally right or wrong. It's personal. These are our values. You can think of successful people who don't have a family or don't want to have kids or at least don't want to have kids while they're young and build their careers. That that's personal choice. The point here is, when you write down your values, you must be honest with yourself.

I've created a PDF document with a list of values that are in no particular order. I did that Because they want to make it easy for you to do this step, making a list of values, the ultimate list of 154 values to help you clarify your true self. So in this exercise, I want you to write a minimum of six, up to 10 values in a particular order from the most important downwards. And that will give you also clarity and better understanding of who you are. in a relatively short course like this one, you probably haven't expected so many action steps and exercises, but that's the subject matter. It requires you taking action.

And this truly is a mini course on personal development. In the past, I did every exercise I suggest you do here. My affinity toward psychology helped me a lot to identify some of the most powerful exercises you can do to transform yourself into a self regulated person who achieves His long term goals and regulates his emotions. So get to work now. Thank you for watching

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