Grid Method Part 2

Graphite Realism Drawing Course How To Draw A Realistic Egg Step by Step
9 minutes
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Flown the American Navy funnel And today I'm going to be going over drawn with a graph the graph method. And what I did here is I graphed out this paper here, it's inch blocks, I have eight going up and eight going across. And it might be a little harder for you to see this on the video, you want to make sure that your grid is drawn really lightly so that it's easier for you to actually take off to graphite, or the gridlines. You don't want those lines to be showing up in your drawing. So it might be a little bit difficult for you to actually see this on the video.

I also gridded out this egg here. And the reason why I want to start off with this egg I want to use this as a tutorial to show you how to work with values in a subtle value changes and to be able to create contour and to be able to create depth with your graphite drawing and an easy way to do that as well. Either a sphere or a cylinder. But I figured you know what I want to do something that that has substance, I want to do an object actually. So I'm going to be creating this egg. So you can actually take a picture of an egg and then you can follow along, you can use all the techniques that I'm using.

And this is a great, great exercise to help you to have control over your pencil in the values that you're drawing with this way, you can have a more realistic drawing. Now, the most important thing with realistic drawing is to make sure that the subject the contour, and the proportions are correct. So that's why I like to use a grid method. This helps me to be able to have the portion proportions all correctly. And then when I start adding value in the details, everything's going to look correct. It doesn't matter how good you are on that drawing details.

If your proportions are incorrect, your drawing is going to look incorrect. And I do a lot of commission drawn so I'm going to make sure that the subjects that I'm creating are accurate. So to do this, a great example is with this egg here. So grab a picture of an egg gridded out. And then when you're actually doing this, you want to make sure that you're paying attention to the blocks that you're in. I've done this before where I didn't count the blocks, and all of a sudden, I'm in the wrong place, and I ruin the drawing.

So what I'm going to do here is I'm going to start on the section here, I'm going to count up so that's three blocks going up, and it's 41234. So now what I do is I'm going to just put a little dot there and put a little dot here, this is where the egg is. I want to make sure that I can see where the shadow is. I don't want to be drawn a line where the shadow is if I'm trying to draw the contour of the egg. And you can see right here, there's a little bit of a shadow there. So I want to make sure I'm on the exit.

I'm just going to kind of draw some dots here. And this will help me to know where I have to measure. I'm using a to H pencil hard lead. So then, this way when I'm drawn the subjects subject on my drawn surface, I'm not doing too dark or it's hard for me to erase and to be able to blend the values. The other thing that I use is this divider right here. All of the supplies that I use will be in in a link where you can get all the different tools that I use for my drawn and in this way, you can see where you can purchase them if you want to try them out.

Okay, so now that I have those all dotted out, I'm going to count up again 123 because I don't want to forget 1234 take my divider Ackerley put it on the line on the corner here, and where So I'm going to go to my john surface and canape 123 can over 41234 places on bottom line and put a little dot there. Go to this top line here, find where I put that thought, measure it out there. And I'm going to continue to do this all the way until I have the subject. That's important to make sure that your measurements are accurate. Even a smallest change.

Even one line to width of one line can make the difference Between your drawing being accurate, and you draw not being accurate, so you want to make sure that you're paying close attention. You got to measure twice, measure twice, take your time with this. This part right here is going to be extremely important for you for your realism drawing. And like I said earlier, it doesn't matter how accurate your draw your details are, or you know how good you are at drawing details. If your subject if the proportions are incorrect, it's just not going to look right. So you gotta pay close attention to this.

So right now I'm just kind of drawn the dots where they are. And then I'm going to show you a trick because sometimes I work I do a lot of dog drones. And sometimes the area that you're trying to create is really tough to get with this grid method. So I'm going to show you some tricks that I use as well. So for instance, there's a curve, there's a curve that's going from here to here. It's not a straight line.

So I'm not going to go from this line here, and this is not here and draw a straight line that that isn't how it works. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to create some dots here, and this is going to allow me to get that curve this way. Now when I measure it, I'm going to get the curve of that line and then I can draw that line more accurate. So I'm going to start doing that. So I'm going to go with this first thought right here. Again, this is just an egg, so you don't have to be as You know, precise as you are, but it's a great, it's a great a great tool for you to use to be able to get better at drawing a grid method to be able to be more accurate.

So use it as a as a practice. So then when you start drawing, either if it's commission drawn, or if you're just drawing something that you want to draw, and you're going to sell it as an original, you want to be accurate. And this is going to help you do that the more you practice, the better you're going to be. So even though this is just an egg, use it as a study and say to yourself, you know what, the better I get at this, the better I'm going to be. Now if you notice I'm getting rid of those dots that I had previously. So now what I have to do, just to show you again, I'm taking the measurement of the stock going from this line here.

I'm putting a dot there, pretty close to where it's going to be the height of it. But then I also want to measure the height of that. And then I want to put that out. Now that that isn't going to be exactly where I placed it the first time. So what I want to do, so then I know get confused. I want to get rid of that thought.

So I just had that off with my kneaded eraser. Okay, so now I have those thoughts. And now I can just connect those dots and I'm going to have that slight curve Now I got that slight curve, it's not a straight line. It's right here is a little bit easier. I'll just kind of eyeball that in. And I'm just going to continue doing this until I have the egg completed.

So the next video I'm going to be going over taking off some of the gridlines and the value that you put on there and we're going to start working on the values of this egg so then we can actually create depth and make it look three dimensional, honest two dimensional surface.

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