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Graphite Realism Drawing Course How To Draw A Realistic Egg Step by Step
4 minutes
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Hello and welcome back in this video I'd like to take a little bit of time to talk about some of the supplies that you're going to need for these drawn tutorials. The first thing we're going to need is some drawn paper and I use the Strathmore Bristol vellum surface. Bristol paper, it's an acid free heavyweight paper. It's almost like a, like a postcard has a great texture for your realism John's, and you're going to notice that one side is going to have a different texture than the other side. I usually work on the backside of the drawn surface for my drawings, but what you want to do is you want to be able to practice on both to see the difference in a texture so then, depending on the subject that you're drawing, will determine what side of the paper that you're going to be using.

The next thing that you're going to need are some graphite pencils. I use Tombow graphite pencils. These are great pencils. I've tried a lot of different ones in the past, but these ones here I like. They're very consistent with their grade, they go on smooth. There's no really harsh graphite in the pencils and then when you draw and there's no scratches on the drawing surface, I have a four h range two, a six B range, very seldomly use a six B, I very seldomly use the four B in my drones, but I have them just in case I need to use them.

The other thing that I like is this right here, this is a pencil extender, I just connect this to the pencil right here. And that gives me a little more balance when I'm drawing. So I like that when a pencil gets a little bit shorter. It still has the same weight and consistency when I'm drawing so I really enjoy using that. I use a graphite a grid method to put on my subjects. So I use a divider and this also has helps me with the proportions for the values.

I have two different rulers I have a CP ruler for when I'm drawing on the grid for my drawing surface and also I have a wooden ruler for when I'm drawing the grid onto the reference image that I'm using. This way when I'm using ink elbow on this wood ruler, and it will not go on here and destroy my drawing surface, which I've learned throughout the years and that's happened to me. For erasers I have this black Ray services to get rid of some of the gridlines or any hard or dark lines that are on your paper. This is a great eraser. One of my favorites is this kneaded eraser and Tombow zero eraser. This is a great tool right here, especially for my fine hairs and erasing some fine lines.

So these are some great tools right here. I have this camel here. grush This helps me too. Either wipe off debris or actually to blend in the graphite. I don't really use blood in sumps at all with my drawings. I like to use just the pencil and this brush right here will help me to smooth things out if I need to.

I sharpen my pencils with an exacto knife. Depending on how old you are, I wouldn't recommend using this if you're young. But if you're an adult, I like to use the exacto knife. I like to have a long tip on my pencil helps me to keep my pencil sharp and also to see exactly where the tip is going on the drawn surface. So I really enjoy having a longer tip. But you can also use a pencil sharpener as well a mechanical pencil sharpener handheld pencil sharpener, and they'll work fine as well for you.

To keep my pencil sharp. I use sandpaper, and this will help me to keep a really nice sharp point on my drawings. Office. So the next video we're going to be going over how to start gridding out your subject matter and we're going to be working on focusing on drawing an egg. This way you can learn how to draw the value changes to be able to create a realistic image that looks like it's actually popping off of that paper.

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