Graphite Realism Drawing Course How To Draw A Realistic Egg Step by Step
1 minutes
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Hello and thank you for joining me on this graphite realism drawn basics course. I'm the interview from Debbie finer marketing comm I truly believe that anybody can learn how to draw. It's a skill, it's a learnable skill, just like riding a bike or driving a car. Reading, identifying colors is something that you can learn with practice. And as long as you understand the fundamentals, and you learn about the fundamentals, and you learn every time that you do it, and you practice on a regular basis, you're going to be able to take your drawings to whatever level that you want. Now, this course goes over fundamentals, it goes over about how to draw the contour of subject goes over understanding how light reflects to different subjects.

I talked about how to see different values and different value changes in the rules of value changes, and how that's going to be able to create contour and make your Image looked like it's, it's actually popping off of the two dimensional surface that you're drawn on. I go over some different techniques that I use are using erasers and, and how I conditioned the paper. So then when I'm drawn, there's no imperfections in it. So there's a lot of great information in this drawing course. And I hope you have a great time doing it. And I hope you take the time necessary to be able to enhance your skills with this.

And after you're done with this course, you're going to be able to start seeing things differently, you're going to be able to take what you see and you can actually be able to apply it on your drone service. And you can take your drones to whatever level that you want. So the next video I'm going to be going over two supplies that I use. So go check that out, and then we'll get started with the drive tutorial. I hope you have a good time and let's have fun drawn

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