Become a Mindfulness Practitioner® Master Coach Level-2

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Matrrix’s Become a Mindfulness Practitioner®© Trainer and  Master Coach Level-2 is a 30-hours comprehensive mindfulness training program that is accredited by IIUEF and ICF. So, the learners can not only apply for CCE credits with ICF but they are also awarded Matrrix’s trademarked “Mindfulness Practitioner®” title following completion of the training.

The Level 2 of the training program explores concepts surrounding the ideology of “Egotive”, which highlights different elements of ego states, self-reflection, justification, rationalization, and self-care.

Besides exploring varying psychological theories, each chapter in this level also explores different IIUEF and ICF competencies to enable the learners to have a more comprehensive understanding of the concepts.

As you progress into your journey of self-reflection and self-exploration, each of these chapters unwinds different concepts with balanced information for you to better implement them in your professional practice with clients.

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