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4 minutes
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All right, everyone. So next we have LinkedIn mobile app, our mobile apps. Okay. LinkedIn has several apps. And I'm sure we're all common with LinkedIn itself, the app, I guess that completes everything. And if you know, you're going to start leveraging and utilizing LinkedIn a lot more now that you've gone through this course, I would strongly encourage you to download the app or download the app that's suitable for you.

So I want to run through a few of them that they here have here, we have the LinkedIn job search. So if you know you're on the market, you want to streamline your search. And maybe you don't want to be caught up with everything that LinkedIn has going on. But you're just really focused on specifics. This is where you want to download the individual, the specific app versus the big app if that makes sense. Hopefully that makes sense.

All right, so we have the LinkedIn job search. So if you know you're on the job market, that's why you want to focus on is finding jobs on LinkedIn, boom, LinkedIn job search, okay? Yep, LinkedIn lookup. I just showed you the advanced feature if you want to look up people, or you just want to connect with people that are like minded with similar interests, common backgrounds, companies, all that other good professional stuff, you have LinkedIn, look up. LinkedIn learning, I showed you those under the work tab. If you want to take courses, remember they bought several years ago, if you just you know, professional development is your thing, and you love the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn learning is for you. slideshare if you are a creator, as well as the consumer of presentations, PowerPoints, things of that nature. LinkedIn SlideShare would be great compliment to LinkedIn learning groups if you only want to focus on groups. Now, I didn't talk about groups in this course, because I do feel that the groups have fallen off probably for the past maybe gone on five years now, especially once Facebook started doing groups. Lots of times in the groups people are just what I like to say content dumping. They probably wrote an article article, they were featuring our article, their blog posts, they're promoting something, they're just posting it in the group and they're out.

There's not a lot of engagement from anyone in the group, whether you know, once again, where either creator or consumer at one point we're both but at one point, you're either or. So that's why I don't focus on the groups that much. And as you can see, it's only for Apple, have LinkedIn pulse. Once again, the publishing If you're if you want to leverage LinkedIn as your blog platform of choice, I want to encourage that. And or if you just want to follow business professional news, you can have this as your, I want to say your feed. Think of like an RSS feed, where you get all your information through LinkedIn pulse.

Some of the premium apps, if you're a recruiter, this might be beneficial for you here. For my entrepreneurs, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, if you're looking for prospects, and LinkedIn, elevate, I'm not as familiar with this app, because your company has to have an account with LinkedIn. And if your company has that account, you're able to create and share content amongst your company from what I understand, but these are quite a few apps to choose from. And just figure out what works best for you. For the most part, you can do just about everything on LinkedIn mobile. But if you just want to have one app specified for your most immediate need of interest, that's when these others will take place.

And you can just go to mobile dot LinkedIn calm. And of course in Google Play or the App Store, you can download the app

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