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This course will provide detailed instructions on how to create a complete, All Star, profile.


Hey everyone, my name is Michelle Gomez. I'm your instructor for the level up with LinkedIn course. First, I want to thank you for taking the time to take this course, to I applaud you on being serious about your professional development. Now, I know LinkedIn may not be the coolest or the sexiest platform, right? But there are some hidden gems in here and I'm going to show you how you can show you where they are and how you can utilize them. A little bit about myself.

I started my company line 25 Consulting in 2013. We specialize in content and social media marketing strategies for small business owners. Early on, I will train small business owners on individual platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, and a lot of people struggle with LinkedIn. Now over the years, I've been very fortunate to speak to entrepreneur groups, organizations, universities, corporate and nonprofit about, excuse me about how to utilize LinkedIn to the fullest. Also, I'm the author of two books, network navigator, nurture the equation to strategic networking, as well as success on define, reject your fears and frame your success. I also host the podcast networking with Michelle, where we discuss live strategies with a bit of entrepreneurial advice.

So for the past few five years, I have been grinding Bing. And LinkedIn has been a foundation for me to receive opportunities to speak at different organizations, media interviews when it comes to promoting my books, or just my overall brand, as well as getting guests on my podcasts and before them when I was in crew, and corporate recruiters would always reach out to me. So I think it's fair to say I may know a little something, something a little something. But I want to show you all the ways you can benefit from LinkedIn. Now, as I said, organizations bring me up All the time. So everything I speak about when it comes to LinkedIn as if I'm presenting I'm going to give to you.

So join me on this ride as I show you how you can level up with LinkedIn. So join me as I show you how you can level up with LinkedIn.

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