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Next, I want us to focus on linked in work LinkedIn work. So I just mentioned it about pro finder in the salaries. But I want us to just quickly explore this section here. So if you remember a couple of years ago, LinkedIn, but So now you have LinkedIn learning. If you want to just if you you know who wants to go back to school, right, he wants to spend all of that money.

But if you want to find a way to learn things, and learn things quickly, within, you know, one or two courses, sit down a couple of hours or a couple of weeks, has a whole bunch of courses that you can run through, and such as 3d animation, graphic design, business, consulting, marketing, social media, just a slew of courses you can go through in order for you to pick up the skills that you need. We talked about posting a job next We have advertising. The good thing about LinkedIn advertising is you can advertise as an individual through your personal account, or through your company page. So I'm just going to click on Create ad. And there you are, your personal account. And I'll walk you through the process.

Now, I do think LinkedIn advertising is more expensive than Facebook ads. It's been a while since I've done it, as you can see, and I just haven't received a lot of information and when it comes to LinkedIn advertising, if that's something that interests you, I would encourage you to follow Josh Turner. He's another LinkedIn expert, and he has some great books and resources. And he's very successful when it comes to LinkedIn ads. But once again, it's all about spending the money. Next, we have groups You can join up to 50 groups, it's going to show you your most active groups on the right hand side.

I don't do a lot of groups anymore, I kind of feel like they've gone downhill especially. But what brought three, four years ago when Facebook started promoting third groups, and grabbed a lot of the attention. But a lot of people just kind of feel like the content dump, they drop their article or an article in there, and then they move on. So it's missing that engagement. Now, I will say the good thing with groups is if there's someone that you're unable to connect with maybe a second or third level connection, and you have the same group, that group will allow you to connect with that person. And I think LinkedIn caught on to that.

And they changed it a bit. But you can always communicate with them through that group and then request them If necessary we did a pro finder we did the salary. Next we have slideshare. slideshare allows you to put your presentations online. I early on, I uploaded a lot of my presentations to slideshare. It was great SEO.

And it's been a while I just haven't done it. But if you're someone that does a lot of presentations, for this for your employer or for your business and you're great at design, this is another way to demonstrate that expertise right about getting content online and increasing that digital footprint. So SlideShare, or 10 ways your boss kills employee motivation. So check that out. utilize any one of these additional features on LinkedIn when it comes to your expertise and personal branding.

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