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Everyone First things first on level of LinkedIn, I always like to discuss the set settings and privacy or privacy settings. When it comes to social media platforms. I don't think enough time is spent on this. So before we even jump into the actual profile, what I want you to do is on the right hand corner, you should see your profile picture. It'll say me with an arrow, click on that, under account settings and privacy, click on that. And we'll do a quick review.

Okay. So unless you know how long you've been a member of your title, how many connections you have the first tab under account, it's just giving you options for your actual LinkedIn account, which email address Do you use the phone number on file if you have it on file, if you need to change your password if you want to do a two step verification, preferred language. Now this is usually a fan of favor. A lot of people spend time at work and they don't like the autoplay on videos. You can change that. So you can select yes or no.

Okay. Let's see here. If you have an old LinkedIn account, you can always merge that or you can actually close your LinkedIn account. We go to the second tab for privacy. This is really about if you want to make your profile public, which I strongly encourage, especially once you update your profile, you want to make it public for people to see for recruiters and other people to connect with you. Your email address if you want to make that visible.

Who can see your connections is that only you or that's your connections. Let's see here. profile visibility on LinkedIn Yes or no? Select Yes. Do you want to download any information you have that option? Right.

So if you want to download old articles, maybe put those on your website or a medium a different platform, you have that option. If you want to download connections you have that option can download your profile your recommendations, and create other marketing material, you have that option under your privacy settings. You can sync your contacts, your calendar, review your search history. If you have an annoying person on LinkedIn, if you're getting spam, you have the option to block or unfollow them. Okay. ads, not gonna spend too much time on this.

But if you have a company profile, and you're running ads, you definitely want to explore this section. Okay. And then the communications. Lots of times, anytime you get a notification on LinkedIn, you will receive an email. I have a Gmail account that's usually going under my social tab. So if it's when You can change that.

Under the email of frequency, you have the option of turning it on or off, based off of which emails you would like to receive. C group invitations, just quite a few things here that you can play around with. But LinkedIn does a great job with the privacy settings, at least for me, and I receive a lot of spam and I would like to think you will not receive a lot of spam. So there's not too much work that needs to be done here. But this is where you go for privacy settings on LinkedIn.

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