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Okay, everyone. So next we're gonna talk about search the search feature, I like to say the Advanced Search feature on LinkedIn. Now I know it's common for us to say just Google it, you know, Google the action word, a verb now, but keep in mind that every social media platform has their own search capabilities. So click on the box or the magnifying glass. It will show me a list of my second degree connections, okay. But it will also give me these categories or these filters across the screen.

If you click on More, you have the option to search for companies, groups and schools. locations, connections first, second, third, and current companies. So I like to go to all filters. I feel like it's easier, get more of the screen here. And if you are doing a search you can fill out as much as possible. Okay, I think this search is really beneficial.

One, if there's a misconnection, maybe you met someone at a networking event, you forgot their name, or their last name or their company or something like that, you want to put a couple of words in there to find them, too. If you are looking for a job, and you want to get in touch with maybe a hiring manager, or recruiter, this is a great way to utilize this. You may not get direct email contact information from a recruiter, but at least you have a chance to connect with them and hopefully shoot them a message if they accept your request. And then third lead generation, right, and this is why keywords are so important. So I'm going to just play around with a few features here. I can easily click on Google or I can type Google here in the company, which I always do and I'm going to hit Apply And it will show me second degree connections of people first and second degree of people that either work currently work at Google have worked at Google in the past, or have some kind of relationship with Google.

Okay. So if I'm connected with them, I can shoot them a message. Or I can connect with them if they're my second degree, usually, if it's my third degree and asked if I want to send in mail. So I'm going to clear this. Go back to our filters. I'm going to type a title for the recruiter.

Company, I will type I'll just do Google again. Click Apply. Now specifically targeting recruiters at Google that All I should see at least on the first page, okay? And let's just click on the first option here. Okay see contact information, only their LinkedIn profile. But this is a good tool if you wanted to track someone down or if you wanted to create some create some opportunities for yourself.

Go back to all filters. This is why keywords are so important. I'm going to type in title networking. Click Apply. As you can see here, you have two things, you have computer networking, and then you have career slash business networking, relationship building, okay. So depending on your area of expertise, you may want to be specific putting those keywords in your profile And are doing your search.

Clear more recent search all filters. If you want to research alumni, or past relationships, at your current or past relationships at your alma mater, you have the ability to do that nonprofit corporations. This search feature is not utilized by most. So I want to strongly encourage you to use this, especially when it comes to finding professional opportunities. LinkedIn search

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