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Level Up With LinkedIn Creating Connections
3 minutes
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Alright, so before we talk about the LinkedIn network, I want to talk about networking in general. So as I stated, I wrote a book on networking called network navigate and nurture, and all about creating a strategic networking plan. And basically, that plan encompasses, what is your objective behind networking? Who are the type of people you're trying to meet, as well. Because once you identify those type of people, your target audience, and then you can narrow down that audience and get to your ideal client, where those people hang out. Therefore, you're able to determine the type of events you need to attend.

So be searched, eat, excuse me, and be strategic when it comes to your networking. Also, when it comes to conversations, I like to start out conversation say, hey, what brought you here today? Have you been here? Are you familiar with this organization, this event? Just to get the conversation going? And then you should be comfortable to flow into your area of expertise.

And hopefully your elevator pitch. When in doubt, and this is a big move, when in doubt, if you're very new and just green when it comes to networking, always say introduce yourself to the host. All right, this, this takes a lot of courage to do. But the reason why is because the host is going to know the majority of people in the row. And if you start talking to the host, they're going to be able to point you out to the right people you need to talk to based off of your interest from the conversation, okay? And when you have those warm introductions and makes it easier to network to other people, okay.

So that's how you start a conversation. If you want to wrap up a conversation. When you're exchanging business cards. I always like to ask, Hey, are you on LinkedIn? Hey, can I connect with you on LinkedIn and Most people are very honest. They're like, yeah, I'm on there.

And let's connect, they may even pull out their phone and do it right away. Some people will even say, Hey, I'm not utilizing LinkedIn the way I should. Okay. And if they're not on LinkedIn, ask them what is your preferred social media platform and connect that way? Okay. Think of LinkedIn as a Rolodex, right?

You have all your professional contacts on LinkedIn, because I don't know about you. But when I scroll through my phone, I'm like, Who are these people? Okay, so at LinkedIn, you have faces, the industry, the job title, you can search for them. You're going to see their work, anniversaries, birthdays, you can always continue to nurture the relationship that way. Also, so which brings me to a good point when it comes to following up, want to take advantage of those opportunities on how you can just play Hey, just checking in. It's been a while.

I'm going to this event. Are these conferences in town? Are you interested? Things like that help keep the relationship going. Now some people say are asked me, Michelle, how do you follow up is a two days. To me it really depends on the conversation.

If we, if we connect on social media, I'm probably going to leave a relationship on social media. Now if we had a great conversation and we're talking about business opportunities and cowboy collaboration, somehow, I'm definitely going to pick up the phone and call that person within a day or two, depending on when the networking event took place. Okay, or sending that email. Another thing asking for introductions, one thing I like that LinkedIn is doing right now.

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