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Level Up With LinkedIn Creating Connections
5 minutes
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All right, everyone. Now we're going to focus on my network, which would be your connections, right? So if you click on my network has the icon of two people, it will bring you to this screen here. Okay, so you'll see if you have any pending invitations, people that are requested to connect with you, all of your connections. If you're always curious about that number of people, you may know pretty much mutual friends as you can see here. And yes, so you can see all right, so I have mine based off of my recent request, okay, I can also filter through first and last name, or you can type it in this box or any other filters.

So when, if you really want to grow your connections quickly, a lot of people like to get over that 500 mark. You can press Continue. And this is going to provide you with a list of connections. And this is really based off of people you have contacted via email or through your phone. Okay? So it's either an email address, through your Gmail account on the desktop or through your phone and maybe a phone number.

It kind of depends. Also mutual friends, or similar organised professional organizations or groups on LinkedIn. So quickly, you can add, add connections, these individuals will receive it and they can accept it just depends on what your preference is. I don't like connecting with people without a profile picture. So just be mindful of that. This is only if you want to connect very, very quickly with people.

If you want to Grow your connections very quickly. So we're going to skip that also gives you an options of email addresses. Okay, if most again, these are people you have corresponded with one way or another via email. So I'm going to go back to my network. Another option you have here, give me one moment. Another option you have here is if you want to connect, or sync your contacts via email, right here, have one of my business emails but you also have Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and AOL or a third party that you can invite via email.

All you have to do is click continue and it will go out automatically if you have a spread Maybe you compile a list of people that you reach out to, for work or for whatever reason, but you haven't taken the time to reach out to them on LinkedIn. If you already have that spreadsheet, you want to make sure it's in a CSV file or one of these formats. And then you can upload it and once again, it will populate for those individuals allowing you to connect with them are synced with them. Okay. So I'm going to go back I also want to show you how you can export people. So if you go to my network, my connections on the right hand side it has a book, a picture of a book, it says manage sync and import contacts.

On the right hand side, it says advanced actions, go to export contacts. So if you want to download your connections You can click on connections, it will give you all 2000 connections or however many connections you have. And then you wish you shall receive that file in about 10 minutes downloaded to your computer. Okay. This is also providing you with options to download anything from LinkedIn. Now, why would you want to export your contacts from LinkedIn?

Well, once again, if you're someone that works for spreadsheets often and you need to give it to someone or for whatever other work purposes that may be useful to you. Another thing is, if you do email marketing, you can download this file for LinkedIn and upload it to your email service provider, your email platform. You got to be careful with that though. Two things, a lot of email service providers charge you based off of the number of contacts. So you want to make sure that you can afford it. If you cede X amount of contacts to they do have can spam laws as well as FTC regulations that you may need to comply with.

The preferred method is that someone goes to your website and they opt in to your email list versus you adding them by yourself whether it's through LinkedIn or a business card. So even though you have the option to add based off your LinkedIn contacts, if you send out that first email over time, don't be surprised. Don't be surprised if you have a lot of us subscribers have since they didn't organically opt in to your email list. So just be mindful of that. So this will conclude the my network portion of the level of LinkedIn

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