Level Up With LinkedIn Creating an All Star Profile
4 minutes
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Now we're going to focus on recommendations. Now recommendations can be a little bit tricky, right? Keep in mind an endorsement is endorsing your specific skill set. A recommendation is more like a testimonial. So it's gonna take time, some work for someone to write some positive things about you. Okay?

Now once again, if you click on the pencil, you're able to edit the recommendation, you can add will ask them to edit it or you can show make it visible or not. Also, as soon as someone does write, gives you a recommendation, you will be able to approve it. So it doesn't just post to your LinkedIn profile right away. You have to approve it. Okay. So it's going to show you the number that you received as well as the number that you've given.

Okay, so you're going to click on Ask for recommendation. For a brand new one, it's gonna ask you who do you want to ask me type the person's name. Okay? ask you about the relationship. Now once again, this relationship is based off of your experience, your work experience school, the information you're putting on your LinkedIn profile. Okay, so it was line 25 Consulting, go to next.

You send that as a message. Hi, Chris, can you write me a recommendation click Send. Chris will receive the requests in his LinkedIn inbox and maybe his email. So hopefully he'll take the time to write it. As you can see, I have one recommendation request on hold. On the other end if you go to someone's pro file, click on More.

You can also request a recommendation, or you click on recommend, if you want to give them a recommendation. Select their relationship. You manage Chris directly, position, LR training, click Next. And then you can say all those good things about him or her, they will receive their recommendation in their inbox, and they have the right to approve it and place it on their profile if they choose to. My suggestion when it comes to recommendations, especially for your work, if you're working on a project, you want to request that recommendation as soon as possible. So if you are work like Hey, hey, Carrie, I really enjoyed working with you.

Is it possible that if I send you a LinkedIn request, can you write a recommendation for you? I'm really trying to For that part of my profile, more than likely they're going to say yes. And you've already given them a heads up. Okay? Another thing is when you're putting in that request, you want to do it while that person your work is on top of mind. Okay?

So if you do it right away while we're currently working on a project, are we just wrapped up? I'm very, I'm able to articulate your contribution to the project, versus, you know, backtracking and waiting six months a year later, like, oh, man, I need a new job. And now you're trying to get recommendations. It's going to be kind of hard because yes, I know you're a good person. But I'm not mindful of the specifics, or the details that go in either working on that project or the daily task, right. I know you get that.

So you want to really focus on getting hopefully that person is providing you with some specific things and not just a general like, Oh, yeah, I enjoyed working with Michelle. You know, she was always on time. Yes, that's important, but maybe right Oh, she was able to pay attention to the detail. When other people were struggling with a spreadsheet, she was able to do this, right. So that's the importance of asking for a recommendation as soon as you get the job done. Another beautiful thing about recommendations is you're able to, it's a staple and you can take this and apply it as to marketing material, whether it's on your website, as a testimonial piece, or anything else that you may need it for promotional use.

So that is the conclusion for recommendations.

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