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5 minutes
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So, in this section, the lead generation, I'm jumping straight into my presentation where I have as you can see connection strategy. Okay. Basically, when you get to this point, you have to get all of the pieces of the puzzle lined up and we are going to put them to gather. Okay, so by now I have showed you how to find the contact information on someone's profile. So on the right hand side, and it says contact info, right above the number of connections they have. With that you want to keep in mind that you can either send them a LinkedIn message, maybe a direct email, and or phone call.

If you're comfortable doing cold calls, okay? You want to play within your wheelhouse. So I encourage all of my clients to do these steps pretty much in order and I'm going to walk you through them and call this the connection strategy. Now keep in mind is very important that you know your cell cycle Because this can take depending on what your request is, this can take a matter of hours, days up to months. Usually, if I'm doing some type of, you know, media interview, it's one or two days, right? It's pretty much just whenever someone's taking the time to check their messages.

Yes, I'm interested. Here's a calendar link. You know, let's schedule it. If yes, maybe a couple of days to a week or two, maybe from just doing small business consultation, hourly consultation. It's really no big deal. If it comes to a speaking engagement.

That's a process right? So that's going to take a little bit longer, but I'm going to show you how to get started if you don't have a strategy and how to nurture the leads as time goes on. So you have connected with this person on LinkedIn. You met them on a at a networking event and or you know the type of organizations you want to reach out to, but you don't know how to find them, you want to use the advanced search feature and the Advanced Search feature is on the top, the bar the search bar, on the top of LinkedIn, it's kind of shifted over to the left, okay? But I encourage you to list out those people, those companies. See if you already have relationships with them online, if not use a search feature.

If you have a mutual friend, ask for an introduction, right? This is where you want to possibly do like a small background check. You know, how do you know this person? What can you tell me about them? or What can you tell me about this company before I initiate this email, okay. Also, you want to make sure you have some standardized email templates that you can use.

I think this is also poor when it comes to processes. Whether you are initiating the leads are you going to pass this down to an intern or sales rep to kind of have that script out? For them, it makes it a lot easier. Now, this doesn't mean that you could just copy and paste. No, you still want to customize it for each person that you decide to reach out to. So this is what the process looks like.

I noticed your profile as we have mutual connections and interest and thought it would be beneficial if we connect. Okay. So you're probably going to send that out when you want to connect with them. They accept your connection. Thanks for connecting. I noticed blank.

What are some of the things that you look for when working with a marketer? A marketing coordinator, okay. Marketing Consultant. All right, and then they should respond. Also, if you're studying their profile, their timeline, the types of things that they're posting, this is number three is a good one. I came across this information this article, and I thought it would be helpful let me know what you think.

Now you want to throw this in there to get the dialogue going. Okay, so they feel like they're a little cold. This is a good way to warm them up. Okay, so you have them warmed up. And then you state when is a good time to schedule a call to discuss a consultation or current projects. Okay.

Now I've done this I'm currently working on something. I'm hoping to speak in Louisiana sometime, the latter part of the year, but connected with this lady online. And it was, I guess you could say small talk, but she was following me I was posting stuff about my podcast. I said I had a speaking engagements and her the audio from to the speaking engagement. She was like, I like what I hear. I love for you to come here and do something with us.

Right? But it took months of us having that online relationship and I know it's gonna take a few more months before I can get to Louisiana to speak. Right. So be mindful of the process. Right So here's a breakdown of the connection scripts. Once again, I noticed your profiles, we have mutual connections and interests and that'll be beneficial for you connect.

If you meet them at person, it was nice meeting you at the networking event. Please keep me in mind if your organization has any upcoming opportunities. Now, this is a good one if you have gone in detail about what you do the type of work that you do and who you work with. And they have pretty much agreed that you will be a good fit or there's some positive synergy when it comes to that. And the last one, thanks for connecting, I look forward to hearing from you. Or as I like to say I look forward to following your success.

Okay, so these are some great email templates or LinkedIn templates to kind of get the ball rolling when it comes to connecting with people.

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