Headline Summary I

Level Up With LinkedIn Creating an All Star Profile
7 minutes
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Now we're moving on to the headline in summary headline in summary. This is, in my opinion, one of the most important sections of LinkedIn is because it's the top of your page. It's the top of your profile. This is what people are going to see first. Here I have some cover art, customized cover art, are you networking with Michelle, you should have a clear blue banner, you can always update that if you like. You also have of course, your name, the title, your job title, professional title, the company that you work for who you whenever you do, as well as your city and state and your education.

If you click on the pencil, it's going to allow you to update this information. Okay. So on the top, you have the option to update the cover art, okay? You can even put if you want to To show your personality you can put maybe some type of success quote or inspirational quote that can benefit you or maybe your favorite color or prefer background. There's so many things you can do with that cover photo. So if you choose to change your cover photo from there you have your name, first and last name, headline.

Now the headline, you want to find something that's creative, you know, if you're a creative person, and you can say, you know, generated and maintain a book of business of a million dollars or work with high net worth individuals are creatively savvy, graphic designer, you know, if you're ready, this is a good time to get your personality out there and showcase what you do in a funny way or You can just keep it very simple. And like, networking strategist. That's what I had initially. And what I realized I get very excited about people and their story. So I'm a connection enthusiast. Okay.

Just little things trying to be different. And I have my own podcast. I'm the host of networking with Michelle show. That's what I put out in the forefront. I like to say whatever is your primary business, the primary thing you want to be known for, you want to put that in your headline. Okay.

Current Position is my company marketing strategies. I launched 25 Consulting, I use marketing strategist, and connection enthusiast, interchangeable interchangeably, depending on what I'm doing. Or a marketing strategist is more so the plain the plain Jane, everyone knows marketing strategy, right? But if I'm doing a bio once again, something witty and catchy. If people are not using connection enthusiasts magic, let me back up current position. You can always add to your positions and your education we'll get to that later.

Education Full Sail University I'm in the US my zip code. I have no problem sharing my my contact information or my location. You want to make sure you select your industry This is very important. Once again, especially if you're looking for job opportunities, as well as business lead generation for business. Alright, contact information profile URL. This is very important especially if you have a common name This can be very tricky.

But instead of having your LinkedIn or any website saying linkedin.com, backslash i n ABCD 12345, parentheses sign money sign, XYZ equal sign lmnop. You can customize your URL. This is great. This is great for branding, especially if you don't have a formal website, your own domain. If you have linkedin.com, backslash, n, m, m, NGO, me first last name initials. This is great for you to put on your resume, put in a signature email, promote on other social media platforms.

It just makes it easier and it's a cleaner appearance. Okay. So you're going to click on the URL. It's going to take you to this page here. Personalized URL for your profile. I'm on the right hand side now.

Linkedin.com backslash i n and then you want to come up with something, come up with something clean professional. If you can do your first and last name for it, I have my first initial and my last name. unfortunate that My name is not that common. So it was easy for me to grasp and I've been on LinkedIn for a while. Okay, so I strongly encourage you to get a customized URL. You can use letters and numbers from the length of five to 30.

Okay, no spaces, symbols or special characters. So please be mindful. Once you create that, go ahead and save it. And then we can go back to our headline in summary Okay, so I have a website, I have my personal website, Michelle gmail.com. If you have other websites that you would like to promote, go ahead and put that there. Where it says other this is great when it comes to research keyword research.

So once again, I have the connection enthusiasm. So I have a second website that I listed technically, it's still my main website, Michelle gmail.com. But I put backslash category backslash podcast because I also want to promote my podcast. I want to make it easy for people to have access to that. Okay. Hi, my phone number, my primary email address.

This is the email address I use to sign up on LinkedIn in the very beginning. My Twitter handle and my date of birth Good fill that out and click Apply. Click save and that is how you update your headline and summary section.

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