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So I wanted to take a moment to go over some frequently asked questions. Now, these are questions that I get asked a lot about LinkedIn. Whether I'm doing a presentation, a training, or even on core, I asked, I answer a lot of questions on Quora regarding LinkedIn, and social media marketing in general. So one, should I pay for LinkedIn premium? Last time I checked, I believe it was $79 a month, which that may be a lot of money for some. This is what I say.

Once again, I've shown you through this course I've shown you how to maximize LinkedIn for free, right from start to finish. So before you get to the premium service, I really believe you have to do everything I showed you are everything that is free, which means completing a profile How about a proper headshot and Taking time to initiate connections right and connecting with them, not just with the request but having online conversation with them. I have not precious LinkedIn premium but what I understand it provides you with the contact information as well as allows you to email your third connections. And most Connect, you can always connect with someone a third here connection, you just have to go to the More button, hit the drop down arrow and request Connect. Another thing is if you have mutual connections, you can always have them one of your mutual connections reach out to that person and connect with you that way.

Another thing if you do decide if you feel like you are maximizing the free version of LinkedIn, I do want to say when you go into the premium version as you have 30 days free, you want to create a strategy before You start your 30 day free trial, okay? So you want to leverage those 30, those 30 days as much as possible, once again, want to start in order for you to build momentum. That way when it does start charging you, you have a process in place that is very effective. Okay? So leverage the free before you pay. And that's just now with LinkedIn, but that's with anything in life.

Okay. Question number two, how many jobs Should I put on LinkedIn? I want to save similar to your resume, you want to have at least three jobs. Now this can be tricky because it also depends on your work history. Now, hopefully you have good healthy work history where it can be anywhere from, hopefully, at least two years for each job to show some stability and some consistency, especially with this if it's within the same industry. It helps out a lot.

If not a, it can be tricky, right? Although the LinkedIn profile doesn't replace your resume, you want to make sure there are some congruency when it comes to that, right. So keep in mind when you apply for that job, you're gonna get your resume first. And then they'll go to your LinkedIn profile. And or if they see your LinkedIn profile and they ask for the resume, they want to know that they're communicating with the same person, this the same person has the same skill set they, okay, so be mindful of that. Also, see?

What is the best way to clean on both LinkedIn accounts. Keep in mind, I try to I look at mine pretty much every three months, maybe a little bit more. sooner, especially if I have a presentation, I just want to make sure I'm on the up and up. But every three months, right, that's a quarterly, quarterly thing. Also, keep in mind if you're doing a 10 minute strategy, and you just finished a project, finished something with a client, maybe have a new book out. That's those things, those small details will take place within your 10 minute strategy.

Right? The 10 minute strategy is something very loose, just to show that you're online on a consistent basis and there's some activity. So if you need to clean up your LinkedIn profile that can easily go within your 10 minute strategy. As I stated with recommendations as soon as you finish a project, you know, request a recommendation online. If you got fired from a job, or lost a job, put that in date there as soon as possible, especially if you're on a job hunt. Because once again, if recruiters are looking at your profile, They're like, Oh, well, they're currently working now people are understanding, but not everyone's gonna send you a message or make the phone call to kind of question you on some of these things.

Okay, I'm just looking at core here. So give me one moment. How to LinkedIn messages work with email. Once again, go into your privacy settings. You want to change that if you feel like you're bombarded with email notifications, just remove your email notifications, just turn that off. Those are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive, almost again, whether I'm doing a training or if I'm online.

But if you have a question, don't hesitate to reach out to me, right. So you can send that question to me via email or in the discussion or you can connect with me on LinkedIn. I'll be Glad to assist you as much as possible.

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