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Next, we're going to focus on career information. So I'm on my main profile, if you just scroll down, you should see your dashboard, it does have a few analytics as well. It's also going to let you know the status of your profile. So after this, we should all be at all star status. Okay. So a couple of things I'm going to go through in order here.

I also want to let you know the salary insights here are the same salary insights on the top right corner. Okay, and we'll get to this section later. So first, we're going to start with career advice. So I'm going to click on it. I'm just going to open up a new tab out of preference. So career advice allows you to connect with other people within your industry is like your virtual mentor.

And what I like about this feature, although I'm not utilizing It is lots of times especially I speak to so many college students and new grads, and I start getting into the workforce. They're on LinkedIn, but they don't know how to leverage their connections. And I think this is a great way to leverage people and nurture the relationship. So if you're on career advice, mind is currently off. So you want to make sure you turn it on. And you're just going to go through here and select fill out the information and select what's important to you.

So this can be within your first or second degree in network. Interested in marketing, Media Communications, put some of my favorite topics here. And then you can enable this on or off if you like. Click on Save And they'll find people For me, the last time I did this, they found, I think two people within my network for me to connect with if I wanted that mentorship I'm looking for a vise, so make sure you put that on there. The next thing we have is career interest. This is letting people recruiters know that you're open for job opportunities.

Once again you own make sure you turn that on can put a note to the recruiters a general note if you like, as well as your phone number. Keep in mind you may receive text messages from LinkedIn once again You just fill this information out with hype, how active Are you in the job search? When are you willing to start? Okay, and once again, what are your interests as far as job title industry, things of that nature, as well as location, okay, and the type of work that you're looking for. So you can fill that out, it's going to automatically save, and it gives you the option to go to jobs. So I'm gonna go back to my profile.

So next we have salary insights. I've already completed this, but when you click on salary insights, it's going to walk you through once again, job title and industry, your skill sets your location is going to compile that information and this is what it will provide you with. So a marketing strategist in Houston, Texas should be making somewhere around here. Okay. And then I like this feature because it's very similar to Indeed, indeed does a good job of having salaries as well. So what's the use of applying for jobs or having a job board if you don't know what you should be asking for based off of your skill set?

Okay, so once again, the salary and fight is available to you also shows you what's going on in the your region, Austin Dallas, in the great city of New York, for Houston's below market, Houston's on the lower end. But at the same time, the cost of living is a little bit cheaper than these other cities. So this is it for the career section.

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