The 10 Minute Strategy a Day

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All right. So now I want to take you to my 10 minutes a day strategy, which is asking for 10 minutes a day. All right, 10 more minutes. What are you going to do in these 10 minutes? All right, it's going to go by very quickly. So it's early in the morning, you're getting your day started around nine o'clock with your cup of coffee.

Okay? And these 10 minutes, what are you going to do? You're going to post on LinkedIn. Right? What are you going to post you're going to post anything motivational, inspirational. You're going to or anything informative regarding your industry or life in business in general.

Okay. So motivational and informative. And this can be rather it's information that is coming from your blog, right, original content that you're creating an article or an original quote that you're creating maybe from a presentation, or maybe you're reposting something from a Gary Be Paul Branson, Richard Branson, etc, etc. So you're going to post, second, you're going to engage, okay? So as you're scrolling through your timeline, you're looking at people you're going to like, and you're going to comment, a great read, I really enjoyed the tips, you have an offer. I enjoyed your video, you know, whatever the case may be, you're gonna engage the keto engagement is to be consistent.

Now, there's someone that you really want to connect with and possibly do business with in the future. You want to engage with them the most. Now, don't be a nuisance, but you want to engage so much so that you stay on top of mind. Okay? That way when you do ask that request, they know who you are, because you've been consistently engaging with them on LinkedIn. Three is the follow up basically, in your request, email or friend request that you received within the past 24 hours and last time that To logged in, you want to go ahead and respond to those messages, okay?

For research for lead generation, now, this can easily take up all your time just researching by itself, you know, you can go into a rabbit hole and look up and it's already lunchtime, right? So when it comes to researching for lead generation, whether these are people that you're currently connected with, or you're using the advanced search tool, you may, it may be one person and you just shoot them a message. Or it may be that you're going through a list of people and you're creating a database with within your Excel spreadsheet, okay. And then requesting and adding connections. This kind of goes along with follow up. Or maybe you went to a networking event the night before you have these business cards, and you're just taking time to add add, excuse me request the connection on line.

So this is the thing. Are you going to do all five things within 10 minutes? Maybe not. You can do one thing and it can take up to 10 minutes, right? So if you're posting, is that a link? That doesn't take a lot of time.

But if you have some quick engagement and you're commenting, that can take some time, right, that goes back to the follow up. It if you're engaging, and maybe there's already a good discussion going on in that thread, and you're responding to different comments from, from a post today, all right, yesterday, that can take up to 10 minutes. Okay. So some of the things you can do a little bit every day or maybe you don't want to say you just focus on one thing a day, right? But maybe you create a calendar like okay, I'm going to post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'm going to do research for lead generation, you know, only on Tuesdays But what I like about the 10 minute a day strategy, it gets you started, right?

And once you start, you're able to create momentum. And before you know that 10 minutes is gonna go by quickly, are you going to be so efficient within those 10 minutes? Or you'd like, you know what? LinkedIn is actually working for me. And I need to create a time slot where I'm on LinkedIn for 30 minutes, 45 or 60 minutes. I'm here to encourage you to get momentum on this platform.

Okay, so let's start off with 10 minutes a day. And I want you to connect with me on LinkedIn and let me know how that's going for you. Let me know if the 10 minute a day strategy is working for you.

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