10. Meditation Tips

5 minutes
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Less than 10 meditation tips. So here's some last minute tips on having a successful meditation practice. Meditation should be one of the first things you do in a day before eating or checking email and do it in the same place daily. First thing in the morning is the ideal time because it will set the tone for a great day. If you can't do it in the morning, do it whenever you can make the time. It's ideal to practice at the same time every day and ensure you will not be disturbed.

If possible, close the door and turn off the phone and other things that might interrupt you at work if you don't have a door to close, go to your car. Also lower the lights if possible. Select a trigger to associate with morning meditation such as, get up, go to the bathroom, sit and meditate. That's your new routine. That's mine and it's worked for 15 years. If you tell yourself you'll do it later, later just might never come.

Give yourself reminders. Put posts on the bathroom mirror, the closet or the coffeemaker all around the house if necessary, simply saying meditate. setting an alarm with a gentle tone for two to five minutes. There is a wonderful app for your smartphone or notebook called insight timer. It has a timer that sounds a gentle tone when your designated time is up. Create a quiet spot for meditation.

We discussed this in the lesson on power of place. By having a designated place to meditate. It helps you get in the Proper mood as soon as you sit there. It should also be a decluttered spot. Trying to meditate in between piles of books or laundry will not be relaxing. Perhaps create a corner of your bedroom with a comfy pillow or chair, create an altar or go into the garden or a park someplace peaceful where you won't be disturbed.

Or go for a walk and do a moving meditation, which we'll discuss later. Above all, be comfortable. Sitting in the lotus position is not mandatory. Sit on a pillow or chair or even stand. All that matters is that you're comfortable and the spine is straight, hands resting comfortably on your lap. I don't recommend lying down as it's too likely you'll fall asleep.

Close your eyes or have a soft focus on something pleasant to look at. Perhaps something on your altar. And other times of the day, visualize yourself meditating. See yourself as a calm person because you meditate. Changing your self image can be a huge help. Start with focusing on your breath.

See the next lesson which is on breathing. You might also want to get my book, The Fountain of Youth is just a breath away, which has a variety of breathing exercises. Sit with a smile on your face, and have a beginner's mind. Meaning no preconceptions. no judgment, no self judgment, just be open. Your mind is likely to get distracted.

So just change the channel or the thought the same way you would change the channel if a song you didn't like came on the radio. Most of all, No, you haven't failed it extraneous thoughts do come in. It's part of the process. One second of deep piece is more than worth the other 15 minutes or so of passing thoughts. I guarantee it. I used to hate meditation.

Now it's the highlight of my day. Or put another way. You cannot keep birds from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from nesting in your hair. And last but far from least, always say thank you for whatever experience you do have. appreciation always brings more positive experiences. To find the time to meditate, go back over lesson seven on creating more time in the day.

And lastly, but far from least a year from now you will wish you had started today. We're now going to move on to Module Two meditation techniques that have stood the test of time lesson 11 is meditating on the breath

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