16. Chanting as Meditation

Meditations on the Natural World; Find the Technique That's Right for You Section III. Meditation Techniques That Have Withstood the Test of Time
4 minutes
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Of all the sound making devices and instruments found on this planet, the human voice is believed by many to have the most healing qualities. Chanting is so powerful in creating a healing vibration that many shamans and medicine people chant over patience in order to induce healing in the body. They will also chant over herbs they're going to use inhaling. Chanting over the herbs can actually change the molecular structure of the herbs so that it will work most effectively for the condition is being used for. There is a reason that many yoga classes begin and end with the chanting of ohm. Ohm is the most universally used chant for opening and balancing the energy centers of the human body.

Also known as chakras, ohm connects us to the infinite vibration from which our universe is comprised. Ohm is known as the universal sound of perfection. Chanting Ohm vibrates at the frequency of 432 hertz, which is the vibrational frequency of everything in nature. So, it is the sound of the universe, part of the natural world. And I want to emphasize the chanting Ohm is not a religious practice. Scientists have measured the sound of the earth spinning on its axis, and it's the sound of all because they resonate at the same frequency.

Buddhists teach that enlightenment can be reached just through the chanting of bone. It's considered to be the sound of creation. researchers also found saying the old sound before surgery helps in preparation and recovery. Chanting Ohm creates a vibration in the body that's very healing and relaxing. So chanting on several times can be a very centering form of meditation, or a good thing to do to prepare you for meditation. Chanting home in a group is an excellent way to unite everyone.

People don't have to start and stop together. Just chat in your own time. And let it be a continuous sound by the group. Ohm is correctly spelled a UTM. The first syllable is pronounced as along ah. As you start at the back of your throat, expect to possibly feel a vibration in your chest.

The second syllable is pronounced as a long Ooh, and your throat may vibrate as you make this sound. The third syllable is pronounced as along with your tongue gently touching the back of your front teeth. inhale through the nose and exhale while chanting. When your breath ends, pause ever so briefly and repeat. Seven ohms in a row is a good place to start. But it doesn't have to be that many.

When done together with a group of people as in a yoga class, it creates a very powerful vibration. It also sets you up for an excellent meditation. Here's how chanting Ohm with sound Oh, Oh. The next lesson is a recording of monks chanting Ohm 15 times, you can either listen or chant alone. It is not necessary to chant in step with the recording, as the monks hold each own note for a very long time and you might run out of breath. In fact, a common way for group chanting of all is for people to start and stop in their own time, so that there's a continuous group tone.

Give it a try.

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