13. Meditation on Mantras

Meditations on the Natural World; Find the Technique That's Right for You Section III. Meditation Techniques That Have Withstood the Test of Time
5 minutes
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Lesson 13 mantras. Many people associate meditation with having a mantra, which is one of many ways to meditate but not the only way. Nevertheless, it's important to know what mantra meditation is. a mantra is simply a statement or word repeated over and over. It's a way to focus your mind on something other than the 50,000 random thoughts. There are organizations and instructors that teach meditation and will give you a mantra.

Or you can simply choose a word or phrase as your mantra and focus on it. Remember, the whole point is to focus your mind away from the 50,000 random thoughts. I'm going to suggest you choose One from the Dijon mantras the word visa in Sanskrit means seed. The Bashar mantras originated in India and are the seed sounds of each Energy Center also known as chakras, which help us move to higher states of consciousness. When whispered spoken or chanted, they could activate and balance life force energy. In some traditions, one might chant all the beija mantras as a powerful way to prepare yourself for meditation by raising your vibration.

First, let's look at a diagram of where they're located on the human body. This is a representation of the seven main energy centers of the body and their associated colors. I want to emphasize here that we could do an entire course on just the chakras. So this is just a simple overview in order to introduce the BGM entres Next, I'm going to show you a chart where we'll go into a little more detail about them. If there's a particular area of your life you feel you need to develop or he'll chanting the bija Mantra associated with the relevant chakra will give you a boost. There are actually hundreds of energy centers in the body, but we'll focus on the seven main ones.

By the way, I'm using the term chakra and energy center interchangeably here. The Crown Chakra at the top of the head is associated with the color violet. And it's related to spirituality and connection with a higher power. Its visual mantra is ohm, which we'll cover in detail in a future lesson. At the third eye in the middle of the forehead, the color is indigo, and that's associated with intuition or mental functioning. Its mantra is Shazam.

At the throat, which is blue and relates to communication. The mantra is heart at the heart, which is green and associated with love and compassion. The mantra is at the solar plexus, which is yellow and associated with self esteem, emotional balance and knowing our place in the universe, the monitor is wrong. At the sacral area just below the navel, the color is orange, and it relates to sexual energy, creativity and joy. Its mantra is at the base of the spine, the root chakra is associated with read and relates to sexuality, connection to our ancestors, safety and grounding. Its mantra is law firm.

So choose anyone to say Start and repeated over and over, like this. So you start at the root and go up. La. Ra. Yeah. Ha, shot.

Oh, you can say them all or just focus on one. Let's say you want to focus on opening up your heart, you would repeat the mantra Yeah. Over and over to yourself. you'd actually repeated silently in your head, bringing your mind back when it starts to wander away. All it is, is a focusing tool. Feel free to play gentle music at the same time to relax you.

It's that simple. There's a PDF document if the deja mantras is less than less than 13. So you can have a printout of this chart. If you wish. Lesson 14 will be on mindfulness in daily life.

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