24. Meditating on Sacred Fire

5 minutes
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Lesson 24 meditating on sacred fire. Fire is magical, otherworldly and a beautiful thing to focus our attention on. What is more relaxing than sitting and watching a fire. We've all had the experience of being mesmerized by it. Many years ago I was babysitting my year old nephew who was getting cranky and nothing was working to calm him down. Then I lit the candles on my angel chimes.

The heat of the candle flame causes the angels above to fly around and he was transfixed and calmed right down. Fire can calm us all down. I don't believe I've ever been to a Native American ceremony that did not integrate Corporate sacred fire. Here are some Native American teachings about it. Fire is a gift from the Creator. It is spirit made manifest.

It is untouchable yet touches us with this form the light. When we learn how to communicate with it, our lives are enriched. ancient culture cultures use this fire for divination and to communicate with other realms. Their heart and other native americans i know would read the coals for information and messages, and they would send their prayers out on the smoke to be carried up to the Creator. The ancient Celts would keep the hearth fire lit year round. It was only allowed to die on the built on assess Festival on the first day of May when it was ritually rekindled.

The hearth fire was the center of Native American and Celtic family life. It provided warmth and light and food to be cooked. Evening storytelling would take place around the warmth of the fire as its light played with shadows and created a mystical environment. Just as the sun provides warmth and light and allows growing things to flourish, fire warms our home, cooks our food and lights our way in the dark. Just fire have a consciousness. I think it may.

In 2002 are friend put up a community purification lodge on his property in Malibu, California. It was built in the traditional way with prayer and respect and offerings of tobacco. The following January, a devastating fire moved through the Malibu mountains. That fire moved up the hillside towards my friend's house very rapidly, and it appeared the house will be consumed along with so many others on the hillside Then amazing thing happened. The fire split into and what around the lodge, horse arena and house before coming back together on the far side a fluke of nature and erratic wind or with the spirits of the land in the fire protecting that Lodge and home because that little house of prayer had been built in a respectful manner and held many prayer ceremonies. In the book, the sacred pipe black Elk's account of the seven rites of the Oglala Sioux and footnotes 30.

He shares the following about the sacredness of fire quote for the zoo. The fire at the center of the teepee represents Walken Tonka, who's the creator within the world. To emphasize the sacredness of the central fire. It should be recalled that when the sewer still pneumatic, a man was appointed to be the keeper of the fire, and he would usually have his TP at the center of the capping circle. When camp was moved, this keeper would carry the fire in a small log. And when camp was set up again, each log would start its fire from the central source and quote, The elders teach that the fire represents the sun here on Earth.

Here's another teaching this one from their heart, quote, in our Indian way, we say the fire is the sun here with us. The sun shines on the trees for days, weeks, months, and yours in the wood absorbs that sunlight. Then the tree is taken down, and when we put a flame to it, that sun is now here with us in the form of fire. If you have an indoor or outdoor fireplace, this can be a perfect place to meditate by mindfully building and tending the fire. And gazing upon its beauty to still the mind. Even a candle will do.

Just gaze at it, trying to empty your mind of thoughts. Notice the color of the flame and the candle how it flickers. Imagine the light spreading, enveloping you in light, and then moving on to enveloped the whole world in light. I recommend that you light a candle and just observe it as a meditation. It moves and flows yet stays constantly there, which is a perfect analogy for the meditating mind.

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