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Welcome to Giske Defending - The Ultimate Learning Centre for Football (Soccer) Defence Skills

Photo: Bertin Holme Flatebø

Hey, fellow footballers

My name is Anders Giske. I am a former professional football player with many years of experience playing in the Bundesliga and the Norwegian national team. I also have extensive experience as a football coach and have worked with players of different ages and levels over the past twenty years. 

While my days of playing professional football are behind me, I now take every opportunity I can to share my vast experience and knowledge of the best defence skills with coaches and players who want to take their game to the next level.

Ever since my early days as an ambitious player in my hometown of Kristiansund, I have been passionate about understanding the technical side of the game of football. I genuinely believe that the best footballers in the world are those who have mastered a core set of skills that allow them to technically and tactically dominate the game.

Norway – Argentina 1-0. Friendly match, 1986. Anders Giske in a duel with Diego Maradona

Photo: Morten Hvaal/NTB scanpix

My passion for developing a technical understanding of football went from strength to strength during my professional career. Over time, I have created a wealth of easy-to-understand material about the functions, tactics, skills, and techniques that help players and coaches to stand out.

And now, after a long process of research and preparation, I am delighted to share my life`s work with you.

But why should you invest your time learning defensive skills?

Defensive play wins championships.

Yet, despite this, the defence is an area of the game that is all too often overlooked.

I passionately believe that it is the defenders that make or break a game. When teams get their defensive play right, they set the foundation they need to control the ball.

So many players invest their time and effort working on their offensive skills. I completely understand this mindset. However, to become a great football player or an excellent football coach, you have to achieve the delicate balance between offensive and defensive play.

Philipp Lahm, the Bayern Munich former captain, summed it up perfectly when he described the Ballon d’Or, the annual association football award, as nothing more than an award for “attacker of the year”.

I want to support coaches and players to understand, develop, and enhance the skills and functions they need to deliver great defensive play.

Who stands to benefit from this course?

Whether you’re a player, coach, teacher, or even a parent of a football-mad child or teenager, there’s plenty of information on offer in this course to help you learn and understand the defence methods that work.

My mission is to share my knowledge and experience in a simple, honest, easy-to-understand way that will help you improve your defensive play skills and expertise.

I am confident that you will learn some great techniques that will transform your game and help you produce the functional skills that work in the heat of the game.

Over the next lessons, I will focus on basic knowledge about one versus one skills and techniques, which form the development process’s foundation. It’s a great place to start and will guide you to take your game to the next level.

I really hope you will be joining me on this exciting journey; it promises to be full of learning, personal development and, of course, fun.

All the best,


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