01 - Introduction

Create an Abstract Background in Cinema 4D Create an Abstract Background
1 minutes
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Hey guys, my name is Jonathan lamb. I'm an artist at future games of London, a Ubisoft studio. In this class, we're going to learn the step by step process of how to create an abstract low quality background using cinema 4d and Photoshop. Starting with a basic 3d shape will take you through all the tools and skills necessary for the project will then take the rendered image into Adobe Photoshop, where you can add some final touches to make your background for the station really stand out. Some of the major topics that we'll be discussing in this class will include basic 3d modeling techniques, how to add color and gradients to the model, how to add lighting to the scene, and basic tips and tricks in Adobe Photoshop. By the end of the training, you'll have learned how to create an abstract low poly backgrounds that you can use in your own illustrations or video game projects.

This class is perfect for designers, illustrators, and anyone else who'd like to learn a piece of 3d modeling to add to their designs. So sign in, or sign up and let's get started.

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