05 - Create & Manipulate 3D

Create an Abstract Background in Cinema 4D Create an Abstract Background
5 minutes
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Hey guys, and welcome back to the low poly background class. So in this lesson, we're going to go through how to create a 3d object for your background. So just going to hold and click on the cube here to bring up this menu. And then we're going to go all the way to landscape. So just clicking on landscape, you can see here that we've created this sort of hilly landscape here. So just going into properties, we're going to change a few things.

So just looking at first of all, we'll delete the font tag, which is up here to make it more of a low poly look. And sort of that smooth look that we had before going to change the width segments to a lower number. So 20 by 20. See what it looks like. You can see straightaway that it's starting to become more low poly and a lot more faceted. So that's Kind of the look that we are trying to go for for the background.

But that's changed a few more things. So with the size, you can see here we can manipulate the size of the, of this landscape. So let's choose a few numbers. So I'm going to try and make this hill into more of a mountain. So straightaway now you can see that the shape is starting to get a little bit more stressed. It's starting to look a little bit more interesting than the flat hills that we had before.

Going in, and you can even manipulate using the move and the Rotate and the Scale tool at the top there as well. But having a look at what this mountain these these options are available to us. I'm going to make the segment's a little bit, a little bit more just 30 just to give us a little bit more to So it's all about just experimenting with these, these few these few settings here and getting the the shape of the mounts in the right shape that you want. So you can see here I'm constantly sort of moving in, zooming in zooming out to also thinking about what kind of what kind of background it's going to look like. So I want it to fill the whole square in my viewport. So I'm always zooming in to see what looks interesting at this stage.

So just going in and messing around with all these settings to see what you'd like. Now here, you can experiment with the different seeds. The different seeds is basically just different types of mountains so you can scroll through through all the different types of landscapes and just randomly seeing which one you like best, which one you find most interesting. So this one looks kind of interesting, you can sort of envision creating a background out of that, or something a little bit more simple with a little bit of detail, which is something that I'm trying to go for for this particular background. So just moving around the mountain, looking at your viewport seeing what's most interesting, trying to visualize how the background is going to look from here. I know it's kind of difficult, because of the of the gray color but you can you can see the lighting and the shapes and and the details of these landscapes and how that will reflect into your into your background.

So this one's kind of kind of good. It's got the right mix of detail and plain this that you'd want in the background. The reason why I'm I'm looking for something which is a little bit plainer, so that it doesn't distract from whatever it is that I plan to put on top of the background. So say for example, a logo or some text, or any sort of design really, you don't want it to be too overpowering. Or maybe you do maybe you do want a an overpowering background. It's entirely up to you.

But for me right now, I'm just looking for something which is kind of plain. So you can see how I'm constantly switching between high segments and low segments just to see what it looks like and to see what sort of effects that I'm getting. And yes, just all about experimentation from Hero so Now that you know how to create and manipulate a 3d landscape for your background, the next lesson we'll be going through how to add some lighting to the scene. See you guys there.

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