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Create an Abstract Background in Cinema 4D Create an Abstract Background
7 minutes
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Hey everyone, and welcome back to the low poly background course. In the last video, we went through how to import our rendered image from cinema 4d into Adobe Photoshop, and a few tips and tricks on how to make it look nicer and prettier. In this lesson, we're going to dig a little bit deeper into those techniques, and also different ways in which we can create a variation of backgrounds so that we can use different colors and different backgrounds for our designs. So let's go ahead and get started. With this background that we created in the previous video, I'm just going to go and click that layer here. And I'm going to duplicate it just so that we don't lose the the original layer.

I'm going to make this into a new I'm going to create a new name for it so let's call it warm or warmer And the simplest way to change the color of this background is to just go to image here adjustments, and just go into hue and saturation. And then all we have to do here is select this slider and just move it up, move it left or right. So because I've named it warm, warmer, let's make this color a little bit warmer like that. You can also change the saturation and lightness and a little bit and once you're happy with the color, just simply click OK. And the same can be done with a colder color. So if we duplicate this, let's make a cold color. Just go to Image, Adjustments, hue and saturation.

And again using the slider here, you can make a color the color here Just like that. So that's the easiest way to create variations of your low poly background. Another way to make variations is we can go and create more adjustment layers. So we've got curves environments here. Let's see what else we've got. So we've also got a, let's go through brightness and contrast.

So this is an easy way to change the brightness and the contrast of our low poly background. Like so. Another thing that we can use to adjust the color of our background is going back in here, and we can go well I like to use his Photo Filter. So we can choose a photo filter here like so. Let's go with a cooling filter. So cooling filter for our cool color.

Or the warming Photo Filter for our warm color. So that's a few easy ways to use the adjustment layers to make our low poly background a little bit different. I'm just going to change this back into cooling. Another way which we can use to change this background is by doing some very, very basic painting techniques. So the way that I'm going to do this is I'm going to create a new layer. And let's name this layer warm.

So this is very cool background and what I want to do here is I want to create a contrast between the cool colors and the warm colors. And now let's move this lighting layer further up here. So that's less distracting. Just going to make that pass. TKO tan a little bit. And in the warmth, there was the warmth there has been selected, I'm going to change, I'm going to select a warm color, like a warm orange.

I'm going to select my brush tool, I'm just going to make the brush size a little bit smaller, so that it doesn't actually, let's make the hardness go down all the way to zero percent first, then we're going to make the brush size a little bit smaller. So I'm going to go with about 300 290 here, and all I'm going to do is click once on the layer and then from here, I'm going to click and I'm going to press Ctrl T to Transform this or we can go to Edit. Yes, this is an edit feature. Transform, which is exactly the same. And then just using the the mouse, click and drag to manipulate this shape. Just going to bring it to this corner here, like so.

And then once you're happy with the shape, I'm just going to rotate it a bit like that. I'm just going to accept it. And then all we're going to do from here is go into this drop down menu and just scroll through these different options and see what happens. So overlay, not quite the, the effect that I want. So let's go to Linear Dodge ads. And from here, we can just bring the Opacity down just a little bit Let's go and scroll through the different options that we've got here.

Light, hard light, so not a lot of differences here. But you can see that each one does something different. So let's see. Let's go back to normal. So I'm going to go back to normal layer and bring the Opacity down a little bit. And then let's bring it back a little bit more.

And then experiment with another day here, so let's go to multiply. It makes it a bit darker. And this is just one way which we can start to paint over. Top and create new new variations for our background. So that's it for this video. I hope you've learned a lot from these demos and learn some new tips and tricks that we've been using along the way to complete this background.

So thanks for watching. Good luck creating your own abstract images. And I'll see you next time for some more art tutorials.

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