Instagram Masterclass MD: How to Setup and Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Learn the keys to discovery and engagement associated with your new Instagram profile page performance.

Instagram Masterclass MD: How to Setup and Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Learn the keys to discovery and engagement associated with your new Instagram profile page performance.
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About the Class

Instagram Masterclass MD will help you learn how to turn your IG feed into a patient referral machine.
Welcome to lesson one: How to set up and optimize your Instagram profile (Scroll down for syllabus)
Let's face it, all the cool kids are using Instagram and so are extremely successful physicians.

With 3B+ users on social during a pandemic, it's more important now than ever that you are highlighting the following:
  • Personality (You and your team)
  • Expertise (Skills and credentials)
  • Results (B/A and testimonials)
The Seidel Agency is an award-winning medical marketing firm (Voted "Top Video Company"), that transforms practices and delivers astounding results with our "From Looking to Booking" method, to acquire, convert and retain more paying patients. 
We help you generate raving fans that know, like, trust and refer you. ;)
We have worked with every major aesthetic medical device like Coolsculpting, Hydrafacial, and InMode, as well as well-known plastic surgeons and personalities like Dr. Bill Dorfman, Dr. Grant Stevens, Dr. Paul Nassif, Dr. Sheila Nazarian, and more.
Whether a physician, RN, or office manager, we have a simple and successful content marketing solution for you. 
Are you tired of the following?
  • Ineffective CME courses
  • Costly trial and error
  • Expensive agency fees
  • Not having a system
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Not knowing what to post
Our easy and successful solution teaches you how to master Instagram in under 30 minutes per lesson, using a simple approach to educate, entertain and inform followers using video, while encouraging daily page visits that help patients book more.
It's broken down into a perfect pairing of video instructions and content strategies to skyrocket your business with new and returning patients. 
Each lesson consists of 3-5 easy-to-follow tutorials, and an actionable homework video to record yourself, as well as a testimonial from a KOL, PDM, or MD, which you can watch at any time, anywhere on any device.
We share tips from several years of experience using Instagram to take practices to the next level, especially during the rise of TeleMed, including the do's and don'ts, best practices, common mistakes, and practice shortcuts you don't want to miss. 
For example, We suggest you post once a day, reply to comments within a few hours, and always have a minimum of 2-3 Before / Afters within your last 9 posts. Not to mention, content featuring lips or #Botox gets a huge amount of engagement.
Satisfaction guaranteed
*** If you're not happy within 30 days, send us proof of purchase and we'll refund you. ***
Syllabus Lesson One: How to setup and optimize your Instagram profile
  1. How to setup and optimize biography
  2. How to build your following
  3. The keys to quality content
  4. How to caption, tag, mention
  5. What are hashtags and how to use them?
  6. The best times to post
The key to setting up a powerful profile is ensuring it's in alignment with your brand, clearly defines your name and service, as well as the competitive advantage and problems you will help them solve, to make their lives better. 
We truly believe in our course and have spent countless hours preparing it for you. As a thank you, we'd like to deliver you a $10 refund for a video testimonial.

We don't have very many requirements. 

We do ask that you commit to 30 minutes of education and turn off the noise around you. It's important that you value yourself, your time, and the extreme amount of results that we can deliver. 

Think of us as a personal trainer, it's important to train together, while also working on your craft. You are the key component, and we believe in you.

Please reach out with any comments, questions, or concerns by emailing us at
Copyright 2020 The Seidel Agency


Steve Seidel

Award-winning Founder of The Seidel Agency, a medical marketing accelerator
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Steve Seidel is an Award-Winning Founder, Speaker and Consultant with 15+ years experience building, branding and marketing socially conscious companies in healthcare, entertainment and technology. Seidel helps established corporations and emerging entrepreneurs grow by delivering impactful messaging and marketing, as well as cultivating a...

Class Requirements

You should have the following technical items:

  • Internet connection (or WiFi)
  • Instagram account
  • Streaming device (computer, phone, tablet)

What's Included

Language: English
Level: Beginner
Skills: Social Media, Instagram, Branding, Content Creation, Hashtags, Advertising, Marketing, Content Marketing, Growth Hacks
Age groups: 18+ years
Duration: 21 minutes
5 Videos
1 Document
30 day money-back
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