Introduction to Intention Course Step #2 of USC

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Welcome to the Mental Health Warrior #2 Course

During the next 7 days, we will train your ability to use your imagination creatively. The principle to have an idea in mind and make it happen. This intention course helps you to use imagination constructively and become mindful of your thoughts.

Within the course, I will instruct you to train some of the most effective practices to use your imagination and see the cause and effect of doing so. Increase your creative potential and build creative habits to bring your ideas and intentions to life. Intention training is just the beginning for you to do more of what you love. This course is a part of a greater course called The Ultimate Students, which further trains the mind to serve your vision and dreams.

With all that said, I am excited to see you inside the course and hear about the transformation you are going to have with it.

Course Creator and Power Mind Trainer

Brian Møller Jacobsen

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