Summary of Intention Feel Training and Next 7 days

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In Step #2 Intention Feel, we have prioritized to use our time to:

  • Identify our true desires
    • Identify lack & fear-based motives.
    • Visualize our desire in a state of abundance and freedom.
  • Connect with a desire on an emotional level
    • Downloading the blueprint and clarity of our desire.
  • Define our desires and making them into intentions
    • Helping us to communicate with other people and ourselves. 
    • Helping us to reconnect with the desire days, weeks, and months later.

These 3 skills are paramount for us to begin conscious creations. 

Continue to practice:

  • Empty the mind with meditation (see Mental Health Warrior #1)
  • Imagineering your true desires and download their blueprint
  • Communicating your desires by defining them and writing them down

Remember, just like any other practice, the muscles and skill-level will increase day by day, so with time, you will understand the entire process much better. Let me emphasize the importance of adopting a happy-learner attitude, and playfully do the practices without expectations.

As you might have noticed, this is Step #2 in the Ultimate Students Course and if you want to continue with Step #3, it is available here on as Mental Health Warrior #3. You may also access the entire Ultimate Students Course with all 9 steps for life, hear more about that option by contacting me at

Continue with the summary lesson below and enjoy your new abilities and allow yourself to playfully practice it as you go forward.

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