What's Radical Mindfulness?

Radical Mindfulness Program Introduction
1 minutes
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Stress. Emotional Ups and Downs. Feelings of Lack of Control. Each of these (and more) can empty your emotional and energetic energy tanks, sapping you from showing up fully, authentically, and in control. 

During this program, Sierra Ramm Cantrell guides you in ways to tap into your inner power and resiliency through exploring mindfulness techniques and teachings both ancient and modern. Take hold of your emotions and learn how freeing the principles of control can be for your well-being, both at work and in life.

Hi, I'm Sierra, your Mindfulness coach, and guide. I am so excited you've decided to join me on this journey of transformation and inner power.

This program was designed with you and your growth in mind. The most important thing to remember is to be prepared to have fun, get up and move, and challenge your old ways of thinking and feeling in order to emerge stronger, more intentional, and with tools to help you manage the ups and downs life can sometimes throw at you.

We're going to be doing things from an intentional standpoint. That means:

  • Actively make a decision about how you want to show up - Deciding who you truly want to be
  • Exploring ways how to actually accomplish that
  • Learning how to effectively and mindfully handle when obstacles or problems arise

During this program, we're going to explore how to:

  • Visualize your transformation, both past, and future (Module 1: Your Transformative Journey Begins Now)
  • Understand the power you have in determining how to react and respond to external events (Module 2: A Stoic Primer)
  • Take control over your story and the narrative you've been living by (Module 3: The Power of Your Mind) 
  • Power Up and focus your energy toward that which serves you and your purpose (Module 4: The Mind/Body Connection)
  • Find connection and commonality with others through how and in what ways you communicate (Module 5: Your Authentic Voice)
  • Recognize and celebrate your gifts and talents, and learn how to grow in your mindset (Module 6: Grow with the Flow)
  • Turn obstacles into opportunities to challenge yourself, learn, and expand (Module 7: From Obstacle to Opportunity)
  • Design the new You, Version 2.0 by gaining clarity of purpose, power, and resiliency - mindfully charting a new course on your life journey (Module 8: Design a Radically New You)

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