Mindfulness - Issue 10

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A Spiritual Solution for Low Self-Esteem -  Three Principles Coach, mentor, and podcast host, Del Adey-Jones, illuminates a spiritual path for overcoming codependency and low self-esteem. 

A Story of Hope - Twenty years ago, Dan witnessed a traumatic event, which altered the course of his life. He ultimately found solace and recovery in nature through a connection with horses, which completely transformed him.

A Letter to a Human Being on…Identity - It is very easy to believe lies about yourself; lies that you tell yourself are true. Maro Oosthuizen leads you toward a greater understanding of how to discover your authentic self. 

Caring for Coombe Woods— Meet Jon Foster, unsung hero, and caretaker of a magical woodland in Cornwall, UK, and the lives that are touched by his years of service. 

You Don’t Need to Fix Your Feeling— Coach and entertaining podcast host, Siobhán Friel delights, as she challenges what our thoughts are really telling us and whether or not we need to take them seriously. 

You Are Not Broken — C-suite coach and mentor, Chris Pearse explains the thinking and feeling connection, that affirms you are not broken and do not need fixing. 

A Life Less Serious— George Halfin, the editor of A Life Less Serious, shares the insights she received while bringing the inspiring stories of a diverse group of women to light, in this powerful book.

Aladino y El Poder de la  Mente Maravillosa — For our Spanish-speaking readers, Raul Rojas, performance coach and consultant for the Latin community, recounts the story of Aladdin and the Magical Lamp with the genie in this version, being the marvelous power of Thought. (Artículo en Español)

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