Issue 10 - Magnificent Metamorphosis Magazine - Inspiration for Positive Change

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Issue 10 - Magnificent Metamorphosis Magazine

Mindfulness: Features articles by Del Adey Jones, short films by Stars of Well-Being, and articles by Maro Oosthuizen, Siobhán Friel, Chris Pearse, and George Halfin.  For our Spanish-speaking readers, Raul Rojas, performance coach and consultant, has contributed an article in Spanish, a new feature in this issue.

People for Positive Change:  Heifer International Charity is featured, whose mission statement is: "Everyone deserves a life free from hunger and poverty."

Arts: UK artist Katie House debuts her portraits and Leanne Webber shares her poetry with poetry readings of her work ( a regular contributor).

Healthy Living:  UK Medicinal Herbalist, Bee McGovern, US-based Family Medicine Physician, Deitrick Gorman, and Australian Health and Wellbeing Coach, Tracey McBeath share their expertise on a variety of topics.

Passion Business:  Business Mentor and Online Tech Guru, Anke Herrmann, provides ongoing inspiration as a regular contributor, on a variety of business topics for the entrepreneur. 

We'll cover the following topics in this section:

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