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Hi there, and welcome to magnetic tradeshow marketing. This training is designed for startups and entrepreneurs who want to generate more qualified leads and sales from exhibiting at trade show and business events. This training provides you with eight videos that each cover a core topic vital to getting the most out of exhibiting video on how to effortlessly attract people to your stand. Video to how to get the most from your marketing materials and stop them from going into the bin. Video three, the best way to capture and use contact details from any event you'll ever attend. Video for body language, how you speak to people without even saying a single word.

Video five, how you can make the best first impression on anyone you meet at an event. Video six best way to get people to tell you what they want to buy, video seven, building rapport to say Simple but extremely powerful ways to make people like you almost instantly. Video eight lead magnets, how you can magnetically attract people to your stand. And video nine, the fortune is in the follow my number one strategy for successfully following up with leads. Thinking about this trade shows offer you the ideal opportunity to actually meet and chat to your potential customers. No nervous cold calling involved in meeting people who are tentative and because they are genuinely interested in finding out more information or even purchasing a particular product or service.

They're the best leads you can ever get. The trick is to get them to stand and then make the absolute most out of that opportunity. This video training course shows you exactly how to do that. I'll see you in video one

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