The Fortune's in the Follow Up

3 minutes
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Following up, if you're going to do a follow up email campaign on by the way, if you're going to send people emails get their permission first. The way I do that is I've got a weekly newsletter that goes out on Thursday. I'll tell them a little bit of information, something you've probably not heard before. And just say to him, I've got a newsletter that puts out lots of information just like that. If you'd like to get a copy, it's a digital one. I'll email it to you.

If it's not for you just unsubscribe. It's okay. About nine out of 10. So yeah, that's fine. So get that permission first. Or you just going to drop a contact a short email to confirm a meeting date.

They said at the event that they would happy to meet up with you have to say you're just dropping them an email to confirm that. What you need to do is attach an image of your stand in your email signature. Just get one of you to take a picture of the other one behind the table or get another exhibitor to take a picture of both of you behind the table. Preferably, if you got an image where there are people around you stand looking interested Make sure that okay, we've been on the photo and make sure also that your faces visible. Now, don't wait too long to follow up with a contact, time flies after events and it's easy to forget all of the people that you might have met, you might have a stack of business cards, and they're refreshing your memory. The day after the event Five days later, you still haven't followed up with him.

And now the images are getting a little bit fuzzy. He's a deal. They forget you very quickly as well, because life happens, guys gotta go in for mot. It didn't it didn't pass big problem. kids got flu or something like that. do send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn in a timely manner.

Timely manner is no longer than 48 hours for me it's 24 hours, but no longer than 48 include a personal note reminding them of something you might may have discussed at the event. Now you might think, well, if I meet 2030 people, how am I going to remember something we discussed? Well, it's actually quite easy. I'll show you how in a second. If someone you meet doesn't have a business card. Many people don't bring you know for any at all leaks, put them on the desk and leave them there forget them.

You can write his or her information on one of your own cards or on a blank one I prefer a blank postcard. Make a note on a prospects business card using two eyes the letter I, the first it represents how interested they were in what your company offers on a scale of one to 10. The second I note something memorable that came from your conversation, no more than six words for the second day. It's a memory who gets not a short story, something you could elaborate on in a follow up email or conversation. use that information and drop it into your contact request when you send it from LinkedIn. Always, always have a sharpie handy.

Basically some people are high gloss cards and pens just don't work no matter how hard you press on a sharpie. All right on basically anything. And one final reminder. Please don't forget the fortune is In the follow up, so make sure you always follow up

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