What's in it for Me

3 minutes
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In this video, I want to give you a little strategy. A strategy for let's say, if you were exhibiting at an event or a trade show, to help you understand what delegates are thinking, which is what's in it for me, if I go to your stand, what am I going to get, and give you a strategy to show you how you can easily draw people to your stand instead of them walking straight past. First things first, despite your enthusiasm for being there, most of those people attending an exhibition haven't come to see your particular business. I'm sure you're aware that you were just another number on the floor plan as far as they're concerned. So to prevent you from being just another face in the crowd, and stop you from blending in and help you to stand out. We'll make sure that your exhibition spot speaks to the wants and needs of your target prospects.

So what can you have on your stand that will be of serious interest to them, that creates curiosity that draws them in. This is what you need to think about what Five things that you know, have, that are big problems for your prospects. If it's me, for example, if I was exhibiting there, I've got cash flow, lead generation, converting customers leads to customers, building a list, things like that, generally speaking off the top of my head. So five things enough, that are big problems for your prospects, you need to have something that points out at least one of those problems on your stand. And how you have a solution, or solutions. If you highlight more than one problem, personally speaking, I would only highlight one problem, just focus them on the one problem.

And that's it one solution to it, and the story. By doing that, you clearly answer their internal question, what's in it for me? Let me give you an example. If I were exhibiting as Lem foster business solutions to do with sales and sales training, I would have something on a banner, preferably either side, not me. Not on the backside. Because I'm standing in front of you so they wouldn't see the message.

My message would say something like how to get six qualified leads in 15 minutes a day sitting on your backside, using just a computer guaranteed. Now, I've even put the images on their leads chair and computer because people associate with images far better than they do text. They better memory hoops. Now the thing is this there's a psychology behind this this message, how to get six qualified leads a number and qualified leads, not just leads in timespan 15 minutes, another time span a day, just sitting on your backside, using a computer guaranteed using just a computer guaranteed. People know what these things are and they can associate with them. Now deal is this.

Somebody's looking at that is going to be thinking at least the vast majority or how does he do that? Seriously, how does he do that? And the Curiosity factor kicks in. And they come over to you stand on another chart and ask you, so how do you do this qualified leads 15 minutes a day and all that as I go. I say that simple, easy to use LinkedIn, and then get qualified leads, spend 15 minutes doing it and connect with them, and games over, get them off LinkedIn into a local area where you can actually meet up with them. That's all there is to it.

I'm pretty certain that I will get more people coming to my stand using a strategy like that than I ever will. Just giving them as you input cards in a goldfish bowl. So hope that helps. See you next time.

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