Lead Capture that Works

4 minutes
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Okay, we'll now take a look at lead capture, events and trade shows. For me, there are two primary reasons for exhibiting at any event. One is to capture new leads to build your database. And the other is to get an appointment to meet someone sometime after the event. Again, you need to do something different to attract leads, ie delegates coming to your particular sound. Pretty much everyone asks you to put your card into a bowl to enter a free prize draw.

And almost everyone as sweets or cakes or something similar on there stands to try and draw people in. But here's the deal. Most people are not going to stay all day. They'll do a couple of hours. And and that's it. They've seen everything they need to see in that time.

So the prize draw that takes place at four o'clock in the afternoon. Isn't that appealing to them. So you got to give something away that can be delivered to or better still something that means you have to meet them to deliver their prize. So for example, if you're into food hygiene, you could offer a free food hygiene survey. If you're exhibiting at a trade show that was to do with hotels, and restaurants, bakeries, that kind of thing, that would be an ideal thing to give away. You could also do a free health and safety survey or a commercial cleanliness survey, delivering something or meeting them means you get much better contact.

And you have a perfectly valid reason to call them again, to deliver the good news that they've actually won the prize and all you need from them is a date and a time, then you can pop along to see them sorted. here's the kicker though. You can also call the people who didn't win, just to let them know they didn't win, because you're a really nice person. So the conversation would go something like Hi, I'm Landon Vasa, we met at wherever the exhibition was. The bad news, you entered our free prize draw. And unfortunately, you didn't win.

But I thought I'd just let you know what's already say. Now, here's the deal. If they were interested enough to enter the draw, they may still be interested enough to agree to meet you. And all you would say is, I didn't win. But I really am interested in local businesses and meeting local businesses and seeing if we can help one another. And each chance you fancy meeting up for 20 minutes place at your convenience, whatever we're drinking, it's on me.

That's all you would do. That strategy will get you much more qualified leads and cards in a bowl ever will. Now reality check. There will always be some people you call that are not interested in having a further discussion or a meeting. Whatever you do, don't discard that information. Don't throw it away.

Don't think Well, that's it. They're not interested. Just because they said no. What you do is you put them on it. No, not today. List.

Basically. They said No, not today. Not no ever think about it. Some people vote for a political party for 2530 years, that party then does something that they don't like. And all of a sudden, the next election, they vote for another party. So other parties have been trying to get them to join for years.

They get saying no with an actual fact it was no not today, not no forever. People change their minds. It happens all the time. So what you do is this, simply acknowledge the reply and just ask if it's okay to keep in touch. So you would say something to the effect of, Okay, I can see this is not for you, you don't want to meet up now that that's okay. But it's okay.

If we keep in touch. Now you get quite a few people that will agree to you keeping in touch, they'll do not because they realize you're not pushy or overly persistent. You didn't carry on saying it really would be beneficial for us to meet and all this kind of stuff. Don't do that. So they realize you're not pushy, you're overly persistent. And now you have permission to call or email them at some point in the future.

Just to keep in touch, that lead is not lost. And there may be business to be done somewhere down the line. Notice down the line means about two months later, no later than two months whatsoever. The law of recency, you don't leave it six months to get in touch with them. Because they may have met they may change his mind. And they may have met someone else who does what you do.

And because they are the most recent contact, a lot of reasons he gets in and they go to them and not to you. So two months, no later, you've gone to a lot of trouble to get this lead. Don't forget to follow up.

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