How to keep your children safe with HT Parental Controls - PART 2

ComputerCavalry: Internet Security for Parents and Children Intro to Parental Controls for the Family
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In this section of the course, we're going to be taking a second look at the application, ht parental controls. Let's go ahead and open the application again. So in this scenario, we're going to be covering website limiting. Let's just say there's certain websites out there that you've noticed your child has become basically addicted to maybe like something like YouTube. You may not want to be outright in blocked the website, but maybe you just want to limit the amount of time that your child spends on YouTube. Well, HD parental controls can do that.

Let's go ahead and go to website limiting. Okay, so as a default, you notice that we have Three different websites, we have Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. So I stated before, we're not going to block YouTube, which basically means we're going to always block this website. But we also kind of don't want to just always allow the website at the same time. So we want to limit or restrict these websites in accordance with our settings. So we're going to go back up to you to and select limit from the drop down.

Now, we're going to go down to our restriction section basically, and set the maximum time per day that we want our children to spend on YouTube. So we have a maximum as of right now one hour per day. So let's let's let's go ahead and set the schedule. So right now, they're allowed every day from sunup to sundown. To have one hour of YouTube a day. So let's go ahead and reduce this.

Let's say we only want on Friday, we basically have to select all of these. And I'll tell you what, let's be a nice parent and give them Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To have one hour of YouTube per day. We're going to select okay. We're gonna select the ply. And Okay.

Now another thing that we can do, we can add our own websites. Let's just say it's a website. Something that you notice your child really likes to spend time on something that's not harmful or anything like that. Let's try new toys. dot com or something of the sort let's do new toys for target. We can copy this URL.

Let's minimize this window and we can add our own website. So we're going to select Add a website. We're going to right click and hit paste. And okay. As you can see, that particular website that we wanted to limit has also been added to the list. We're going to select Apply and okay Hope you guys enjoyed this course.

I will see you again in the next one.

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