How to keep your children safe with Qustodio - PART 2

ComputerCavalry: Internet Security for Parents and Children Intro to Parental Controls for the Family
4 minutes
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All right, everyone. Welcome to part two of using custodial. One of the best parental controls software's out there. Go ahead and log into your custodial account. We're going to start off with setting up rules. And we're going to start with Miss amazings her profile.

So once you're logged into your custodial account, coins, like web browsing rules, we're going to scroll down. Now you'll notice the website categories, educational technology, things of this sort. But all of the categories that's marked in red are the categories that we want the children not to browse, or run across while using the internet. So in this example, we have things like gambling, weapons, profanity, things of that nature. Now let's go ahead and put this to the test. Let's look for something maybe under gambling, let's do online poker.

And let's see what happens. I'm going to select first option. Haha, as you can see, because the audio has blocked, Miss amazing from trying to access this web page so you can see how this would be very, very helpful for a parent. Let's go back to the family portal. Now we can scroll down a little bit more we'll see website exceptions. So this is for websites that may be for some reason may trigger a false positive maybe something about profanity or or maybe gambling.

Let's just say it's a game of solitaire or something that maybe your child is trying to play. But for some reason to what the system is blocking it. You can copy that That link, and then paste it here, and then click Add. That way once custodial sees this particular website, it'll go ahead and allow it through. Now if we scroll down a little further, we'll see blocked site notifications. Now this is probably one of the most important features of using custodial.

When this is enabled, you the parent will get an email alert. Whenever the child browses a certain category and receives this error message. You'll get the time the date, what particular website and more recording scroll back up. Now let's go to time usage limits. Allow this low. Now before we go on a little further, I believe we may have skipped the step you see that we have two different users Accounts here.

Well, that's because we logged into two different systems. So basically, whenever you're using custodial, you want to log into that system, install custodial login with your admin account. And that way custodial can begin to monitor that particular account. So as we go back to time usage limits, we'll scroll down. Now here we can deliver a schedule. Now we can do enable per device time limits, or we can just do this PC.

So let's go ahead and enable schedule. Click Yes. Now as we can see, between 12 and 7am, and let's just say 8pm to 12am. Miss amazing, has restricted internet time. So basically from seven maybe 701 to 759. She's allowed as many hours as she We can go down and act and allocate time per day, maybe two hours a day or two and a half hours a day, so forth.

And we can lock navigation or locked in or lock the device. Now, I stated before, as a parent, you always want to get alerts whenever something is in violation. So we want to turn this on, alert me. This sends you an alert when your child reaches his or her limit. So we're going to select Yes. I hope you guys enjoyed this course.

I will see you again in the next one.

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