Fine tuning your gui

7 minutes
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Hey, what's up guys, welcome to this lesson. Now in the last lesson I did show you how to import the files from illustrator and how you can use illustrator to customize now for the purpose of this course i'm just going to make we're going to use this simple gi because it's really gonna take a long time creating the others. So, the purpose of this course simplicity is the top priority. So this is just this is just duplicate the first one that I had made Now the good thing about duplicating it is that it had already added the limits, the limits are still there. So one thing you need to know if this thing was was in parented and the pace, it does not cause a parent adopted under this, the minute you rescale the limits still remain the number the limits still remain as they want so you don't be surprised to see that they are moving outside.

Boxes because you just change the scale. So the limits are still present. So you just need to pick out how many trials that side and the Adjust your limits. So make sure they parent it. Now the only problem with parenting is if I try and freeze you'll get this error. And that's because under the freeze options, if you go to modify freeze transformations, you can see you're freezing the rotation scale and the Translate.

And the problem is why it's erroring out, always giving you an error. It's because you only have the Translate F and you've told it a freeze everything. So I'm going to as I showed you in a previous lesson, how you return the channels back for some time. So you're going to go to the channel control as I showed you, and I'm going to bring them back before I release this intro Disease kill and translate Y and Z as possible them to decide and make them playable then unlocked them for the time being, because if they're still locked to screens, so unlock selected. Now, if I try breathing now, this should work. Let me see the limits.

Yep, the limits are gone. This is what I did expect of the pros. And now the reason why does this is because if it's frozen that then this is then this I mean, then this is the origin point. Okay, so this is zero and the limit is 1.5 is C 1252. This one is out here. So we're going to add the limit again, but that's not a problem.

The only issue is you have to please your controls. So as you can see, all of them are frozen. So yeah, after you've done that, you can now go hide the channels that You don't want to use and lock and hide selected like that. So I'm going to simply go to my Attribute Editor, go to the plus tab and limit information. In this case it's limited information and acts as modify limit. Let me see how much it should go.

If that's okay, so 0.447 would copy that value and test it as the minimum the minimum meaning has a negative sign and the maximum I obviously don't want to go past the only goes should only go past this poll. Now, I do not understand why it's doing this. This is quite peculiar. And see all okay, I'm really sorry guys really sorry. Under the Rotate and moonlight opens that will take some time. It opens the voltage and messes you up so fast.

So that mistake. So I'm pretty sure this the same thing for the other one goes. It basically the same control I just duplicated and moved here that that also for these sins is just duplicate I'm going to work on the first one and see okay okay okay, I flip this one around so I am going to have to bring back the Y the Translate y. so this can see mistakes to happen. It's normal. So yeah, totally blind and low, low selected. Now the Translate x is what needs to be locked.

So yeah, so when we lock the Translate x lock and hide selected, and now we have the Translate y So, zero up to which point specifically Up to the investor good while you copy that value of copy, sorry, copy that value Ctrl C or Command C on a Mac and the will to use it limited permissions to translate x don't need the x need the wise to zero the maximum and the minimum which is a negative and so maximum minimum must have a negative in front of the computers can see now it doesn't move. Same case for this one, just accept the Translate x limited translate was a moving particle. And I can see that image input is zero. So yep. And it's that basically that now one more thing I'm going to show you in the save on watching I'm going to show you is our coding obviously when they're like this is just generic to look at it They may confuse you at times mostly if you're in these fields over here.

See, it may confuse you. So, I will suggest you color code this is an optional thing. So how do you color code you color code by going to the Attribute Editor and go to the second tab. The first tab will correct will color code everything I mean anything parent and this main control so you want to color code them individually. So on the object display, drawing overrides enable overrides. So in this case, I want the main control to have like a green green is confusing the verb to green and I did not have selected the object or not.

So as you can see, that is how you color code them. Okay, so for this ones, you can color code them a different color, maybe blue, and this one's a flashing red. Just enable overrides. I should have done this before I dedicated. Save me some time at any still case, so let me continue because THESE consoles and read this way we had to know. Yep, and you have this code.

Let's see it looks attractive and ellipses are easy to work with. So you'd want this by the way and it's really essential. So in the next lesson I'm going to show you adding the names here statically don't get confused as to which control controls work. So I'll see

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