Clairessence Meditations: Part 2

Learn the spiritual and energetic technology to protect yourself and go deeper into your full essence.

Clairessence Meditations: Part 2

Learn the spiritual and energetic technology to protect yourself and go deeper into your full essence.
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About the Class

Discover and master your energy field. Gain clarity and consciousness. Attract synchronicity and raise your vibration. Make an impact on your life and the world.

Join shamanic practitioner and renowned spiritual teacher, Manex Ibar, who guides you through an intricate energy system; divulging secrets to assist you in gaining mastery of your energy field, spiritual understanding, deep clarity, and tools to overcome any life situation. 

Welcome to Clairessence Meditations:

If you are looking for a powerful course that will not only teach you meditation with all its known health benefits but also assist you in gaining mastery of your energetic field, then you're in the right place.

This program is for people who understand that they are more than just a physical body, that there is a conscious energetic part of being human, as important as our biology. Directly connected to our genetic profile and DNA, it defines our individuality and personality. This energetic field is where we hold emotional and psychological blocks; in the form of beliefs, opinions, or rules that prevent our growth. It is complex and rich with information, which includes; energetic cords, soul contracts, karma, and life patterns.

Clairessence Meditations is a set of tools, a roadmap to navigate and transform our energetic reality so that we can tap into our infinite potential and function better in this world. The direct manifestations and benefits of Clairessence lead to better health, increased physical energy and mental clarity, spiritual awareness and skills, and the ability to experience higher levels of consciousness, allowing us to function more fluidly in the world while enjoying life.

As more people awaken to their conscious awareness and spiritual nature, we require professional, scientific, and practical systems that empower us in new ways. We seek a deeper understanding of the energetic information that influences the physical aspects of our lives, including our health and genetic expression. Imagine what it’s like to regain a sensory experience such as seeing or hearing, that you may have been living without. This is the feeling you get when you begin to learn and practice energetic clarity. Becoming aware of your energetic bodies and harnessing the tools to properly protect and maintain them, is the key to optimizing your life.

Learn professional and clinically proven meditations

Learn how the invisible quantum field works and how it interacts with all living beings. Gain insight into navigating the field and how our direct interactions with it, influence all of our relationships. Becoming clear in your relationships and understanding the energetic root of an argument or disagreement, can have a profound influence in changing our reaction. This course will transform your life and your view of the world. It will open you to a beautiful realm full of potential and rapid transformation.

Energy is the majority of our existence, yet we are never taught how to tap into this incredible resource. Our focus remains on the physical world, but as science progresses, it is showing us there is an invisible energy field that influences us directly; and that with the power of meditation, we can change and affect this field. When we do this, we witness the effects and impact on our daily life. This course is a practical and logical system that enables anyone to enter and access the energy field that we all share.

Everything is energy

Everything in our universe is made of the same energy. From the screens of our technological devices to the ocean, mountains, and cosmos; to your body and the food you eat - it's all made of energy. We are effectively transforming information that is carried through this force at all times.

We take in and create, and modify this energy through our conscious observation of it. This is truly what the human experience is about. We all know we have a physical body, but now with specialized photographic technology, we are able to see that each of us has an electromagnetic aura around our bodies, which morph and fluctuates based on our energetic blueprint.

Humans have different aura profiles depending on a number of genetic and lifestyle factors. This reflects how we interact with our environment, our work, our relationships, and our overall wellbeing. Learning how to read, manage, clean, and protect your aura and energy field, is vital to your success in living out an extraordinary life. It is a key component of understanding yourself.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Learn to harness your energetic body and keep it clean, uninterrupted, and optimized
  • Learn how to protect yourself from psychic-attacks or the evil eye by simple "neutrality"
  • Learn how to ground and stay in neutrality, to remain in the presence
  • Learn how to read and clean your chakras and auras
  • Learn how to activate your psychic and clairvoyant systems
  • Open and learn how to use your psychic screens to see energy
  • Learn how to clean karma
  • Learn how to clean programs
  • Learn how to clear soul agreements and contracts
  • Learn how to clear devices and spells
  • Learn how to clean cords
  • Learn how to clear entities
  • Learn how to contact your spirit guides and channel energies correctly and safely
  • Enter the Akashic records
  • Discover your "god of the heart"
  • Learn how to facilitate an energy reading and clearing for others
  • Activate your Merkaba
  • Learn how to read and change energy
  • Gain spiritual knowledge, consciousness, and wisdom

Through this workshop, you will gain incredible knowledge about yourself and practical techniques that are easy to integrate into your daily routine. You will gain the resources to become elevated in your conscious awareness, and clear about energetic principles and mechanics.

Are you ready to get out of the victim state and honor your life with a clear vision, wisdom, and total energetic mastery?

Let's go.

Will it work for you if you're new to energy work?

This system is meant to bring the absolute beginner to expert level, at your own pace. The workshop builds on itself so that each meditation uses some of the skills from the previous one. If you have an open mind, simply let yourself be guided by the meditations. Trust yourself and allow your imagination to do the work.

Whether you are new to energy or have a solid understanding, the techniques and skills taught in this course will tremendously empower you. You'll be able to use these meditations daily and quickly, to help you, reach your highest potential, impact others, and gain an in-depth understanding of energetics.

The most complete energy mastery course in the world. Join the program and begin to understand and master your energetic body. Learn expert techniques that will forever transform your life.


Manex Ibar

Spirit Consciousness Guidance & Mystic, Shaman, Clairvoyant
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Manex Ibar is a recognized leader in conscious energetics, as a shamanic practitioner and spiritual guide, who has acquired over 25 years of experience through initiation, study, and an exclusive private practice, guiding thousands of individuals globally. With a focus on the awareness of energetic mechanics, he has devoted himself to healing...


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What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Meditations, Clairessence Meditation, Health, Mental Clarity, Physical Energy, Spiritual Awareness, Energy
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 5 hours 24 minutes
28 Videos
13 Audio Files
13 Documents
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