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One Week to Better Sleep Better Sleep: The Summary
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While we're here together, we're at the end of the one week to better sleep course. And I just want to start by saying thank you for your time. I really put a lot into this course. And I hope that I've shared the best tactics and strategies and information to really help you get the sleep you need. I've combined nearly 20 years of research and practice and experimentation on myself and what I've seen work for other patients, other physicians, and I think that you will find some value in this. And I want to also say that it doesn't end here.

There's a forum for asking questions. And I have a podcast project you where I share a lot of health related issues that you might find some value and you can find it at on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud. All the typical places that podcasts live, Google has added it to their catalogue as well and of course on the blog at Mitchell MD calm. So I want to leave you with some actions. I want you to think about the seven Ps of sleep, you know nights when you're struggling to sleep or maybe didn't sleep as well as you want it to work. Have, think back about some of the topics that I shared in this course, the physiology, the preparation, supplements, a whole host of different things that really go into a good night's sleep.

I encourage you to learn your body, it's so easy just to, you know, get frustrated that something didn't work or that our bodies didn't respond to what we thought they showed or the way we showed or what we did. And it really comes down to learning your body. Everybody's physiology is unique and different. And I hear a lot of this in my clinical practice the, the metoo, or the so and so I call it and just because something worked for your friend or your significant other, or you read it in a magazine or on the internet doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work for you. It takes time to learn your body and to learn what your body will respond to. One of the biggest keys and takeaway points is to really control your environment that's from the temperature to the noise of the light, the interruptions, really planning out and crafting a strategy that allows you to get consistent and reproducible sleep Remember to test and iterate.

This is a learning process. I've shared a lot of information, this courses and in this course, and I really hope that you download the extras, but it's really gonna take some testing, some measuring, and some some fine tuning adjustments on your part to really reach that ultimate state of Zen like sleep that we all crave. There are no errors, it's just learning a better way you probably found a solution or an option that didn't work for you, that doesn't mean that you failed. It's not an error. It just means that it requires an adjustment that's kind of been quoted and attributed to Thomas Edison. It's not about failing, it's about finding another way that didn't work.

And you're unique. I just want to reiterate that not everything is right, not everything will work for you. People have other underlying health issues, maybe they've tried some things in the past didn't work or various points in their life or or household dynamics. It really makes some of it more challenging. And I just encourage you to to take this information in this And really think hard about it. And don't be afraid to stretch outside the box, so to speak.

Everybody has their own mind set their own goals, their own unique physiology and their own life and life stressors. And so it may not be your goal to sleep eight hours soundly every night. Maybe your situation is such that if you can maximize the time you have to sleep and make it the most efficient possible, then that might be enough for you. And remember to measure, I mean, really, you got to have some objective data, waking up feeling tired and groggy. And just seeing all that was a horrible night asleep. Well, maybe it's something else, maybe it's some inflammation in your body, some underlying viral illness, some dehydration, some nutritional imbalance and alcohol consumption.

It could be a whole host of things without objective measurement. It's really hard to know for sure what is actually going on. And so I encourage you to use somewhat simple devices. I forget the number something like 6 billion people on the planet have smartphones. And only 4.5 billion half toilets. That's an interesting statistic.

But anyways, I encourage you to check out the App Store for Apple or Android, there are a ton of programs on there, some of them are free, I use several free ones that I love. And so I encourage you to really explore and look around. If you want to totally geek out, you can get the references, the information, the subject matter the wind behind the preparation for this course, you can download that in the reference section. And if you have questions, certainly reach out to me you could find me on Twitter at Dr. Mitchell, MD, or in the student forum. I'd be happy to answer your questions and spend some ink I've included some downloadables and we'll be adding some additional content to this course over the months and years to come. I like to keep my courses current in adding information.

And so there's some downloads to spend some ink and print those out if you like or save them to your favorite resource, Dropbox, Evernote, what have you and utilize the forum. We're here to learn and grow from each other. You might know of a program or an app or some Discovered substance that really promotes sleep. We're all here to learn, collaborate and grow from each other. I want to thank you for taking my course and I'd love it if you check out the blog at Mitchell MD and the podcast project you and who do you know who do you know that might benefit from a better night's sleep somebody who's struggling a coworker, client, a friend, family member, I really appreciate if you share this course with them. And as always, I'm here for you reach out if you have questions.

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