One Week to Better Sleep Sleep: Conquering the Elusive Beast
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Hi, and welcome to the course one week to better sleep. I'm so excited. You're here. I want to start with the question. When is the last time you woke up totally rested, recharged and ready to take on the world. As a physician, I've seen tons of patients over the last two decades who struggle with poor sleep, and youth property health problems tie directly to that.

As a former mercy muscle physician, I knew I had to figure this out fast, not only in my career, but also patients lives depended on it. Fortunately, I was surrounded by great medical thinkers, I was able to tap into these minds to capture the best tools, tactics, strategies and resources to create this course. That's the how and the why of putting together one way to better sleep. But why are you here? You're probably somebody who sleeps poorly struggles for the day feels like they're in a constant state of mental fog. Or maybe your friend or family member or loved one is someone who sleeps poorly.

My goal in this course is to help you understand why sleep eludes you and to give you a clear action plan. We'll dive into the seven piece of better sleep including preparation the mental game Your physiology, the place products, plants, potions, and even the WHO THE What the Why, and when to seek professional help. This course is straightforward. I promise there's no medical degree required. I'm Dr. Michel Schwinn, I've been practicing medicine for nearly 20 years. As a former mercy position, I was accustomed to the crazy hours the frenetic, fast pace of life in the emergency department and trauma center.

And I knew that I had to figure out how to sleep efficiently and consistently. I'm going to share with you in this course what I've learned over those 20 years, I'm going to give you the best tools, tactics and resources that you need to be successful. If you're somebody who reaches for their energy drinks and coffee just to get through the morning, or tosses and turns all that counting sheep. I'm telling you, there's a better way. I'm excited to be interacting with you in this course. Let's get started.

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