Testimonial Videos

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100% Confident

"This program was very interesting and surpassed all my expectations. I leave this program feeling 100% confident in my skills as a hypnotherapist. I know there is more to learn, but I am confident I can use the skills as demonstrated.  John is a phenomenal teacher, ensuring that students get a deeper understanding and provides plenty of opportunities to  ask questions.."

E. Mackenzie
Registered Psychiatric Nurse

The Very Best

"I have taken a variety of Training courses over this lifetime. John’s training are amongst the very best I have encountered, both instructor quality and co-participant enthusiasm."

R. McLean
Union Leader

 I Feel Truly Blessed

"I feel truly blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to experience and share this process with you and the community we formed here. I also felt a pure and positive intention from you as the course teachings were being taught and also felt this from the people who were supporting your program. I felt a real sense of integrity."

C. Walters

This Section is testimonial videos from JohnTozeland's students.

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