5b5. Automated External Defibrillator

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Welcome to the lesson on automated external defibrillator or add. In this video, we'll discuss the eight easy steps for children and infants. An ad is both sophisticated and easy to use, providing life saving power and a user friendly device. This makes the device useful for people who have no experience operating an ad and allows successful use in stressful scenarios. However, proper use of an ad is very important. The purpose of the fibrillation is to reset the electrical systems of the heart, allowing a normal rhythm a chance to return.

Remember, the criteria for ad use is no response after shaking the individual's shoulders and shouting at them. No breathing or ineffective breathing, and no carotid artery pulse detected. To use an add in infants or children. First receive the Add open the case and turn on the ad. expose the infant or the child's chest. If the chest is wet, dry it.

Removed medication patches In the pediatric add pants, pediatric pads are not available. Then use the adult pants. In short that the pants Do not touch. peel off the backing. Check for pacemaker or defibrillator. If either are present, do not apply pads over the device.

Apply the pads on the upper right chest above the breast and lower left chest below the armpit. Ensure that the wires are attached to the ad box. Move away from the individual, stop CPR and instruct others not to touch the individual. The ad analyzes the rhythm and prompts you. If the message reads check electrodes, then sure the electrodes make good contact. If the message reads shock, then shock the individual.

Resume CPR for two minutes and then repeat the cycle. Remember that if the ad is not working properly, continue performing CPR. Do not waste excessive time troubleshooting the ad CPR always comes first, an ad or supplemental. Also, do not use add in water. This concludes our lesson on ad. Next we'll review pharmacological tools

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