Turn Your Forehand into A Weapon: Unlock Pros Biomechanics

Discover this one unique method to turn your forehand into a consistent, powerful and yet effortless weapon.

Turn Your Forehand into A Weapon: Unlock Pros Biomechanics

Discover this one unique method to turn your forehand into a consistent, powerful and yet effortless weapon.
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About the Class

Do you struggle with your forehand? Do you keep on losing your matches and points which you feel like you should have won? Do you lack power and consistency and you lose that needed confidence to be able to win more and enjoy tennis at a better level?

I know how you feel it is very frustrating when:

  • You can't rely on your forehand in those crucial moments
  • You can't hit that forehand winner when most needed
  • You feel like you were a better player but your forehand was just not working as it should
  • You lose that match due to lack of consistency and power on your forehand side
  • Your opponent just had that Forehand weapon that you would like to have
  • You had those short balls opportunities, but could not finish the point

Now, imagine knowing the secrets used by tennis pros and being able to rely on your forehand, feel the consistency, and finally being able to win your matches with your new - big, yet effortless forehand weapon.

Wouldn't you feel more confident on the court?

"I am going to show you exactly how to transform your forehand, so you can perform better on the court, and in your next matches" and just enjoy tennis at that better level you always wanted to play.

"Turn your forehand into a weapon" is a unique "forehand blueprint" online tennis training program with 4 weeks step by step training plan that is designed to help you gain that forehand weapon you can finally win your matches with.

This ultimate online program consisting of all I've been teaching over the past 15 years lets you put the latest and most effective modern forehand biomechanics, secret tips, and exercises (which are used by ATP pros) simply into your game, with notable results in first weeks of training. (without spending thousands of dollars on sessions with a top pro coach).

This course is ideal for a medium-level adult club tennis player who wants to reach a new level of his game.

Are you ready to unlock tennis pros biomechanics and finally start winning your matches? Discover the "forehand blueprint" of this online program and its benefits.

Inside of this online tennis training program are 24 video training sessions with more than 2 hours covering every part of modern forehand biomechanics used by ATP tennis pros and how to easily apply them into your game. Plus a free training plan as a bonus. And how you will benefit from this program?

After completing all sessions and applying all that you discover inside my most complete training program I've put together you will be able to:

  • Add more effortless power
  • Improve your overall consistency
  • Gain better control on your forehand
  • Push your opponent off the court and win your points easily
  • Have more topspin and keep your balls inside the baseline
  • Hit those deep, powerful and dangerous forehand

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to apply correct biomechanics used by ATP Pros into your game
  • How to get more consistency, power, and control on your Forehand
  • How to generate those effortless Forehands
  • How to move better, how to get early into the right position, and how to take the ball on the rise
  • How to attack those short balls and stop missing them
  • How to deal with deep and high balls
  • How to push your opponent away with your new big Forehand from any position on the court
  • How to get more topspin
  • How to position yourself for hitting attacking forehands with ease
  • How to correctly use your wrist and "lagging effect" to generate more of the effortless power


  • I will show you and teach you specific tennis drills and exercises you can apply right now to start improving your forehand
  • You will get specific fitness exercises which will help you to be able to apply all that tennis pros do
  • You will get inspired to reach new highs in your game and you will want to train more and more
  • I will show you what to start applying into your game next time you are on the court
  • ultimately you will win more of your tennis matches and just enjoy tennis at a new level

Here is what you get inside my ultimate forehand blueprint program:

  • 8 modules of incredibly valuable, online training with more than 2 hours of tutorials covering every part of the stroke ($297 value)
  • Forehand biomechanics exercises and tennis fitness exercises to enhance your forehand results ($97 value)
  • 'Tested' tennis pros secrets to gain more effortless forehand ($197 value)
  • Systematic "PLB Unique Tennis Method" which helped more than 600 club tennis players over the past 12 years to transform their forehand ($97 value)
  • Proven biomechanics and tennis workout exercises that worked for some top national and ITF tennis players ($57 value)
  • Lifetime access to the online tennis training program and all videos anytime, so you can take them with you on the court and start improving today ($priceless)

+ These 3 huge bonuses if you enroll today:

  • Bonus 1: Additional step by step 4 weeks tennis training plan on how to turn your forehand into a weapon ($57 value)
  • Bonus 2: 1-month free access To my PLB Tennis Method academy golden level membership loaded with free tennis training sessions and tips. ($497/year value)
  • Bonus 3: 3 free video analysis of your stroke and personal follow up with me ($197 value)

That's a total value of more than $1,000. Discover ATP pros secrets and finally start winning your matches with your new effortless forehand weapon.

Would you like to know how to apply the very same forehand biomechanics used by roger Federer himself?

After 15 years on the court as a pro performance tennis coach using my very own method, I have seen amazing results on all of my players. I have created a unique PLB Tennis Method which I have applied on more than 600 (and counting) club tennis players. My unique method works for every player, as when you start applying all I teach and doing all by step by step guidance, you will finally realize and feel the difference and will know what tennis pros on tour do so well, and why they make it look so effortless.

In this online tennis training program, you will transform your tennis forehand and your tennis game will get to the next level in a matter of weeks. Imagine you could start winning your matches thanks to your "neo" forehand weapon in a matter of weeks. This is your defining moment. I hope to see you inside this course that will help you transform your Forehand.


Jan Metelka

Pro Performance Tennis Coach & Semi Pro Tennis Player
Hi there. I'm pro performance tennis coach, national player myself and a founder of unique PLB Tennis Method® that I have created based on my experience on what was working best for all of my player that I have worked with. My method is also based on how ATP tennis pros play and it will effectively transform your tennis game!


Jan Metelka's School


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What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Tennis, Tennis Methods, Sports, Game, Tennis Game, Playing
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 1 hour 41 minutes
25 Videos
1 Document
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