Creating a Brand Name and Logo

5 minutes
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Your brand name can be an artist name, or company name, or both at the same time, how could be some other name by which you want your audience to know you. For example, I refer to my art mainly under the name of Mr. Photography, and my associated brand name is This is short an easy name to remember and it also refers to my website address. Choosing a brand name will require some reflection and work. Here's some tips on how to develop your brand name.

Look inside the image or message you want to send to your audience. brainstorm and take advice. Make it simple but unique. And also check that you can buy a domain name corresponding to your brand name. Coming back to my choice of a brand name. I wanted the name quite easy to remember that reflects me, and I thought that would be the right brand name.

I checked that I could buy the corresponding domain name. And since it was available, I could proceed with my chosen identity to the next step of logo creation. Okay, once you have your brand name in hand, it is time to further personalize it. You can do so by adding a type of graphic or font, color and some additional design elements like an icon or image. When designing your logo, I recommend that you choose a particular type of graphic of form for the logo. Classic fonts in your word processor may not offer something really appealing.

Therefore, additionally, I recommend that you acquire a paid for online which will be more artistic. I personally used my phone's come to find an appropriate font for my logo. But there are other places where you can grab one Next, you will have to decide on the color palette or scheme for your logo. Actually, you will have to be careful when picking a color. colors have a meaning and are interpreted in different ways in different cultures. For example, in general red is the color of energy and passion.

Red also symbolizes excitement, action or danger in Western cultures. It's also associated with communism and revolution in countries like Russia. In India, right is associated with purity. On the other hand, in some countries in Africa, right is associated with death. Finally, you can make your logo more interesting by including or combining additional elements like an icon or photo, but still keeping in mind the colors One aspect that you should also pay attention to is that your logo needs to look as good on the big poster as on the small business car. How do you come up with a logo?

In the best case, you're a designer and creating a logo is a no brainer for you. It may be the case that you're a DIY person. And there are budget friendly and user friendly tools out there. have done some research and a couple of these that seem to be appreciated by users, Canvas, vector and canvas. Otherwise, you may know a designer in your environment like a friend or family member who can help you. Ultimately, you can have requests to pay designers if you have enough budget.

I have added some resources to help you in process of developing your logo, so check them out. Now I would like to share with you my process to come up with a logo. The first step is brainstorming. I usually perform this step with family members or good friends. From the brainstorming, we can generate as many logo ideas as possible. We can even sketch them to make the process more visual.

Then comes a point to restaurant to the top three favorite logo ideas or sketches. From the tuffrey ideas, who will further restrict to one choice and design an advanced prototype? how we'll use this prototype to see how people react to it. And based on their feedback, how will it go through refinement rounds until I am happy with the final logo one important technical aspect of your logo Is that it is preferable to have it created as a PNG or SVG file. These two image file formats have the advantage to contain transparency which makes it easier to integrate your logo into different media without much hassle.

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