Why Consider Exhibiting your Work?

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Here, we'll be looking at why an exhibition is important objective for an artist.


While it makes sense for most types of visual artists to exhibit their work physically, it may be less obvious for certain others in today's digital world. Typically, that will be the case for photographers and digital artists like illustrators. Indeed, with social media and platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. As an artist whose work is digital based, you may wonder why bother going for exhibitions for getting exposure? Well, many photographers, including myself, consider a photo as complete until it is printed. Further Furthermore, with exhibitions you will be reaching an audience which simply loves to see out in real life and not just on a smartphone screen.

What you can retain from this is that in our digital world, the power of print resides in this tangibility when done correctly, heparin will have an effect on persons who view it and in fact, the bigger it is The better. What I can personally tell you is that holding a printed photo in my hands is far more rejoicing than just seeing it on the screen. In fact, there are different kinds of materials you can print all you can draw a few of them and see what fits your work.

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