Animation of feature data 1

Python for Spatial Analysis in ArcGIS Advanced Python in ArcGIS for Spatial Analysis
11 minutes
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In this class, I'm going to show you how to make an animation is ArcGIS I have prepared the RPG as a workplace group layers, I have prepared the base map. Let me show you how to make the animation from here first. And then I will show you how to make the new group layer by Python script. Let's see the structure first group layer and base maps which are dm and a huge shame hillshade made it from the hillshade is made under arctoolbox special analyst surface and associate the input a raster is a DM output a raster you give it a correct a directory name it hillshade keep everything else that he bought. I'm not gonna do it again since I already have the result. And therefore the DM has open property.

Under display, I'm making the 30% transparency so it can see through your shade and the symbology I give it our color. So that's how I can make this three dimensional effect, tearing basemap IDM hillshade at the bottom of the layer which represented the flow chart on the top. The new group layer basically contains our one all the way down to 500 hours. So basically which means In this new group layer, I have 500 hours data which means 500 layers of map, I want to map each hour on the top of the base map, and then make an animation out of it. What changes is the layers a new group layer. What doesn't change is a base map the DM and hillshade each of my layer represent flow discharge at an art certain time step.

So if I make this animation from our one to over 500, the flow change over time, let's just right click to bar and the trick animation, Mian check first check animation. So here is the animation toolbar and let's create our group animation. We can select a group layer. Here we snuck over a new group layer. From this animation control, we can either choose by duration, or by number of frame. And then you can play it which will be a preview of the animation.

Oh, you can just go ahead export animation. From here, we need to go to options. Check create rvg as a winner layers first, then okay give it a name export I am showing you how to make the animation. So, let me show you how to prepare layers for making the animation. Let's open our empathy art. ts first and add the lines are arranged in our shape file.

Right click, open attribute table. See there are 481 segments and there's no time management here. Here is my 500 hours, early discharge, well, you cannot really see it. Wow in text format, open Excel. So you see each line represent our streams recommend. And I have 481 of those.

And then my columns to represent our one all the way to over 500. So basically I have lined up the table this way. Next, I didn't need to join this table to my shape file. You're roasting Your data table and your rows in your shapefile. And there's this column, this column here, this column here. They all have the same name which means each element here is identical for this element here.

Now we can use your drawing in to relate closed data first. And ArcGIS has added that data Check the data first. It has this column here called p stream. It has this column here which has PFA I just want to use that column to relate. So, right click my shape auto join join truth a feud in the in this layer that will that the join will be based on truth This is actually automatically pick up this column here. Just say Okay, now let's click open attribute table again.

Now you see in my shape attribute table, it has our one other way to our 500 a day Just a link to to each of my segment. See for instance, this segment here. Now, we learned join in the relates to relate the shapefile to the hourly data we get from either modeling result or government published the data or whatever and the two data sources have the same column which can be used to relate to and enjoy. And now we join in the related next class I will show you how to make 500 layers using the same symbology by Python script. Before we do that, let's export this layer first. The reason that we have to export it is because if we don't export it as a new map, the join the table is only temporary.

Next time when we open the shapefile the lines and then we open the attribute table again, it is still the only data it doesn't contain that outwardly output data we just joined the old one, open the attribute table, and they clean it up. For instance, we have two of those we can delete one let's make one symbology demonstration Brian click property symbology quantities This is a our one for use graduated the same Bo's value feud our one that's making it river color. But asked, loaded charges go up we want to use like a ticker symbol click can change it here so it's thinner or thicker you can define your own style make more classes or lesser classes That's just for one layer. But if we do this for each hour, which means it's gonna be for 500 times, it's a lot of work. I told you to use the Python script to do that for us.

In the next class, I will show you how to write the code.

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