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About the Class

Discover How to Calm Your Inner World ~ Manage your energy

Imagine Yourself with Michael Ballard

What to do and options and opportunities on how to respond when life is in turmoil!

What to do when life goes sideways and BIGStuff Happens!

  • Health
  • Help us understand and manage our behavior with family, friends or students
  • Loss
  • Grief
  • Failure
  • Help us cope when we have a health issue
  • Assist us when we have behavioral issues at work, home and or school

In my case, it was my daughter's brain tumor that pushed me hard to build this program out further than I'd developed it after my 7 year battle with two bouts of cancer.

That is one of the key reasons why this program was born. We offer skills to help the individual, the whole family or a group or a community. Each of you and all of you can use the program to deal with life's toughest issues.

The program offers insights into what we all experience. You'll learn

  1. The process as we experience life's losses and griefs

  2. Discover 3 Key States that build our health and happiness

  3. Understand how 3 Key States can block us from health and happiness

  4. Eight skills in a video to help you shift from being in a bad state to a better state 

  5. Two text-based skills to assist you further deepen your ability to thrive

  6. A common language approach so that ages 3 - 103 can connect, engage and share a little more of their personal journey

  7. Word Puzzles to help you remember and practice what you've learned

  8. Five Audio stories to assist you to practice the skills

  9. One Audio skill-building Relaxation exercise in audio format

    1. One in the male voice

    2. One in a female voice

This family student and the school-friendly program were born out of the frustration of me not being able to find any skill-based program during those large issues in my family. Oh, and yes, me then 7-year-old daughter and I have both done very well since that very stressful time.

  1. "Don't forget to use the audios; they are a big part of the success of the program." 5 stories to choose from
  2. Each one helps you practice key skills to assist you to deepen your capacity to thrive
  3. The chair exercise is here twice; once in a male voice and once in a female voice

P.S. I'm sorry to tell you that your primary cancer has spread and it is in four locations! I've had my own 7 year battle with two bouts of cancer and a failed medical procedure that meant an emergency surgery with a rush trip to the OR at midnight.

So, I've lived this from several perspectives. As a father, a spouse, a son and a brother, a 2X cancer survivor and now thriver. I've always been astounded at the lack of basic Situational Mental Heath programming available in North America for those of us going through life's BIGStuff issues.

I've also used this program to help me better manage the two chronic illnesses life has challenged me with. Doctors tell me my body age is between 12 to 20 years less than my chronological age. I am quite certain that is in part due to the use of these skills impacting my mind and body health. I wish you and yours all the very best on your journey.

SAFETY Notice:

Don't use the audio's while operating any type of moving or stationary device with moving parts.

Second Notice:

The audio stories are designed to build skill while relaxing you. We don't want you falling asleep while driving or operating machinery. Please DON'T uses them or let others use them when you can hear them while operating any moving or stationary equipment.

Please Note: When you use the audio programs over time you'll find them to become very effective.  

However; if you use them with children the adult in charge can fall asleep before the children. So keep that in mind. :)


Michael H Ballard

I help people, families and communities learn how to thrive and flourish


Michael H Ballard's School


  1. Keep an open mind
  2. Practice the skills for at least 21 days 3 to 4 times a day for at least four of the skills
  3. Turn your practice into a ritual before and after meals, part of break time at work and at home, 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime. Over time they will become positive habits that will impact your rational, emotional and physical health
  4. Some practice is better than no practice
  5. Practice with a family member or a friend. Hold each other accountable
  6. Practice as many of the skills as you can. Not every skill works for us in every situation. So we need to ensure we have a toolbox with several skills for many situations in it we can all face
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What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Breathing, Resilience, Language Use
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 55 minutes
20 Videos
5 Audio Files
5 Documents
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